SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.- Union Gospel Mission electric motors in Spokane Valley claims as numerous as 70 of their vehicles were damaged by vandals. 

Along a liven Sprague avenue in Spokane sink sits UGM Motors.

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It"s a non-profit whereby you can donate your car or truck. And also when those dare or van sell, the money benefits the homeless through the Union Gospel Mission.

But over the critical week, UGM Motors obtained hit by vandals.

Union Gospel Mission executive Director Phil Altmeyer says he doesn"t know why someone would do this.

"It"s really sad that you have people in the neighborhood that room giving and also donating to aid the homeless come feed, clothe, and provide recovery and then this happens," said Altmeyer.

Altmeyer said someone shot the end the home windows of practically 70 cars and trucks through what might have been a BB gun.

"About 25 percent that those space going to have to have finish windshield replacements," included Altmeyer.

Gas had additionally been siphoned the end of some of the vehicles. If batteries and catalytic converters were taken ideal out the others.

Someone even damaged into a car and also was life in the after acquisition the internal of the automobile apart.

All of those repairs expense money.

Money that could have to be going ago to helping families and people who require it in our neighborhood said Altmeyer.

"It takes away from the value of the vehicle because you simply lose what you need to put earlier into it," stated Altmeyer.

If friend have any questions around their regime or would prefer to donate, just give them a call at (509) 327-4357.


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