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If no child with n can be found, null is returned.If n consists of a "/" character it will accessibility the transform in the power structure like a course name.Note: discover does not execute a recursive descend under a change hierarchy.

using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour public GameObject player; windy GameObject gun; public change ammo; //Invoked once a switch is clicked. Windy void Example() //Finds and also assigns the boy of the player named "Gun". Total = player.transform.Find("Gun").gameObject; //If the kid was found. If (gun != null) //Find the child called "ammo" of the gameobject "magazine" (magazine is a son of "gun"). Ammo = gun.transform.Find("magazine/ammo"); else Debug.Log("No son with the name "Gun" attached to the player");
As explained Find does not descend the change heirarchy. Uncover will just search the offered list of youngsters looking because that a called Transform. The following instance shows the result of find searching because that GameObjects. The name of every GameObject is provided in the Find. This is why 2 GameObjects in the very same level that the power structure are found and also reported.

A GameObject with 3 children. Find() does not uncover the third child.

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// ExampleClass has a GameObject with three spheres attached.// two of this are children of the GameObject. The third// transform, sphere3, is a child of sphere2. Find() does// not uncover this child.using UnityEngine;public course ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour void Start() transform result; for (int i = 1; ns sph = "sphere" + i.ToString(); an outcome = gameObject.transform.Find(sph); if (result) Debug.Log("Found: " + sph); else Debug.Log("Did no find: " + sph); }
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