Several Google Pixel users are perplexed by repeating notice sound alerts that ring randomly ~ above their devices without any kind of known source.

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As a result, there have actually been many of complaints regarding the worry on official Pixel phone call forums.


It’s simply phone pings everytime without any type of reason… and also the sound is actually the charger plug in plug the end soundSource

I have this problem, a three keep in mind audible notification. Mine NFC connection is collection off. Please publish a equipment to this!Source

Users describe the an alert tone as recurring in nature the may even ring multiple times in fast succession. It is a descending three-note sound that’s not too different from the default charging alerts.

Judging by the reports, the sound also occurs in varying frequencies because that the complainants. Some declared that your phone rings randomly a couple of times throughout the day, while many others observed the their phone fairly irritatingly, rang constantly.

A Product professional had recommended influenced users to check the notification logs anytime the phone rang through the issue. This bore no fruit though, as many users reported that their notice logs didn’t display screen anything untoward.

A pair of customers also listed that the alarm sounded similar to the NFC alert. And upon turning off NFC, their presumptions were deemed correct as the cautions ceased completely.

The Google Pixel 5 supports NFC

However, the above holds true because that a select group that users through NFC-supported devices. Over there are also many users that reportedly had actually their NFC turned off and also were yet dealing with the issue.

If girlfriend are one of such users, then you can shot the below-mentioned workarounds.

Workarounds for the repeating notification sound on Pixels

1. Inspect for NFC-supported apparatus: It could be possible that one NFC-supported thing in nearby proximity to her Pixel is triggering notification alerts. An example of together objects deserve to be NFC credit transaction cards.

2. Examine for Bluetooth devices: also make certain that your device isn’t constantly trying to attach to part Bluetooth device. This can occur if the Bluetooth connection is of bad strength due to the devices being too far from each other.

3. Other associated devices: You can also try performing the same collection of procedures as the user listed below if you manipulate a wireless printer.

My beep noise was not the nfc… It was a wireless printer that ns installed. I had actually to walk to settings, associated devices, link preferences, print services, then change the default print business to offSource

4. Clean her USB port: If your notification tone sounds prefer charging alerts, climate it could be quite feasible that your device is falsely detecting a charging cable. Cleaning the USB harbor may assist in this case.

5. Reset application preferences: A user has reported that for part reason, resetting application preferences fixed the problem for them. You can try the same through setups > Apps & notifications > check out all apps.


Then click on the 3-dot menu at the top and select the “Reset application preferences” option.

6. Check an alert log: If no one of the over seem effective for you, then her last resort could be making usage of the notification log currently mentioned above. It could be quite feasible that an app is misbehaving, leading to problems like these.

The Android an alert log

To access the notice log on her Pixel, hold down on the residence screen. Next, open up Widgets > setups shortcut > notification log. Now, just inspect out the faster way widget every time your phone ring to recognize its resource app.

Note: The above workarounds can an in similar way be tried on other gadgets plagued v the same issue.

With the being said, allow us know in the comments listed below if the above workarounds walk the job for the repeating notice sound worry on your Google Pixel device.

Be certain to additionally check the end our specialized Android 11 bugs/issues tracker for more coverage on problems like this.

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