The navigating pane is a one-of-a-kind area ~ above the left of paper Explorer which mirrors the folders and system areas like This PC, Network, Libraries and also so on. You have the right to make it immediately expand to the open folder, so it will display the full directory tree.

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The user is not enabled to customize the navigation Pane because the user interface lacks the compelled options, yet this is feasible with a hack. See this article:

Add practice folders or manage Panel applets to navigating Pane in record Explorer

By default, the navigation pane doesn"t not immediately expand come the present open folder once you browse folders in the right pane. Right here are a number of way to change this behavior.

To make the navigation pane expand to the open up folder in windows 10, execute the following.

Right click the empty room on the left to open the context menu.Enable the alternative Expand to current folder. This will allow the finish folder tree on the left. Watch the following screenshot.

You room done.

There are two alternative methods to allow the choices mentioned above. Rather of the context menu, you can use the Ribbon user interface.

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Make navigating Pane increase to open up Folder making use of the Ribbon
Using record Explorer choices
do the navigating pane display all folders v a it is registered tweak

Make navigating Pane increase to open Folder making use of the Ribbon

walk to the View tab that the Ribbon. In the menu of the "Navigation pane" button, you"ll discover the commands "Show every folders" and also "Expand to open up folder" as presented below.


You room done.

Alternatively, the same options can be permitted via the paper Explorer options dialog.

Using paper Explorer options

walk to the View tab that the Ribbon.Click top top the Options switch is ~ above the check out tab of the Ribbon.
On the see tab that the window, girlfriend will discover the appropriate check boxes. View the following screenshot.

Note: If friend disabled the Ribbon, press Alt+T ~ above your key-board to open the tools menu and then open document Explorer Options.

Make the navigation pane show all folders through a registry tweak

Both alternatives mentioned over can be enabled or disabled through a basic Registry tweak. Below is how it deserve to be done.

To do Explorer instantly expand come the currently opened folder, produce or change the "NavPaneExpandToCurrentFolder" 32-bit DWORD value and set it come 1. A value data the 0 will disable the feature.

Note: also if you space running 64-bit Windows you have to still develop a 32-bit DWORD value.

That"s it.

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