Bethesda is beginning to release new Fallout 4 DLC with relatively little fanfare, and as such, i wouldn’t blame girlfriend if girlfriend didn’t know that the $5 Vault-Tec Workshop builder load came out today.

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It’s the second DLC in this “second stage” of release, which has Contraption DLC and also later Nuka World, which consists of some measure of story content. But, together you could expect, Vault-Tec Workshop is indeed an ext Workshop DLC, authorized three various other packs that include on come the structure systems that the game.

This one is pretty various from the others, however. Fairly than including stuff that have the right to be offered in her settlements, this time, you tasked with creating your own Vault. Offered that this can’t simply be excellent in the center of Sanctuary, over there is a tiny little of a mission that has actually you finding Vault 88, an north Vault the you deserve to reshape to your liking v this new DLC.

So what precisely can girlfriend make? because that that, I turn to my friend TheGamerPlug who has actually yet another helpful video clip that shows every new item that you deserve to use when you build your Vault. As soon as you finish up structure a collection of associated Vault rooms, the result is a tiny reminiscent of Fallout Shelter, the cell phone game. Only currently you deserve to walk roughly inside her creation.

Watch the video clip below to view all the pieces for yourself:

Granted, I’m not exactly substantial into the building facet of Fallout 4 (four DLCs later and also the building system is still pretty clunky), but I’m no sure how to feel around this Vault stuff. Come me, that seems favor there’s a lot much more interesting things you can do through the negotiation builder, specifically with every the new DLC content included to it, if the Vault stuff seems a lot an ext basic. However given the imagination of the community, I’m certain that it’s feasible to develop some succinct areas. Still, i think this is lacking a core component of the Vault experience, where there’s normally some messed up twist or experiment being operation on the dwellers. Below you have the right to make them…ride practice bikes?

I remain a tiny disappointed that the end of 7 pieces that Fallout 4 DLC, 4 have to be Workshop-focused, and only three will contain far-ranging story content (and that’s if you desire to counting Automatron as true story DLC v its 1.5 missions). I recognize that Workshop DLC is simpler to make, provided that Bethesda simply needs to translate their present tools right into player-friendly tools, however still. I loved Far Harbor, and also wish we could get much more of that, also if that not rather at the scale. Ns hoping Nuka World will scrape that itch.

To watch the tiny little bit of story content from the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, friend can inspect out another video below which has actually your hero clearing out a bunch of Raiders indigenous the enntrance gate of Vault 88 ~ you track it utilizing a radio signal.

If any of this appeals to you, head out and download it for yourself right now. It’s just $5, ~ all.

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