This Form Can Be Used to Submit All Types of Video Files for Membership. That said, what NeuroSoup is in Need of Most is Video Trip Reports!

To Remain Anonymous You Can Wear A Mask in the Video :)

Recommended Video Length 5-7 minutes.

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NeuroSoup does not recommend for people to use illegal drugs. Do not go out and use illegal drugs specifically to make these videos. Do not use illegal drugs during the video. NeuroSoup only wants to hear about substances that you have used in the past. The videos are collected to provide information on the subjective effects of past drug use, not to promote current or future drug use. The videos are collected for educational purposes only.


By Submitting the Form Below, You Agree that You are at least 18 Years of Age and You Grant NeuroSoup the Right to Publish Your Video Trip Report in NeuroSoup YouTube Videos, NeuroSoup Documentaries, and on the NeuroSoup Website. All Submissions will Earn a Free One Month Membership Pass.


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