Detailed within the wall surface Street Journal earlier today, RadioShack is partnering with Leap Wireless in order to market a new mobile phone service called RadioShack No-Contract Wireless. Easily accessible at stores beginning tomorrow, RadioShack customers that desire a standard cellular call will be able to choose in between two different, no-contract wireless organization plans that both offer limitless text messaging as well as unlimited data. The main difference between the two plans is the lot of minutes offered to the user. The $25 arrangement offers 300 minutes because that voice calls and the $35 setup offers 1000 minutes every month. In addition, anyone using RadioShack’s new service won’t have to sign up for a one-year or two-year contract. This is ideal for customers the aren’t interested in being locked right into a specific carrier for an extended period of time. It’s likewise helpful because that anyone v a poor credit history. 

However, RadioShack customers that are interested in a smartphone will have to spend an ext money each month. If the two business plans for smartphones both offer limitless voice minutes and unlimited text messaging, there room data cap in place. At the $50-a-month service level, customers have 1GB of 3G data usage before the data is throttled by Leap Wireless. Additional data at full speed have the right to be purchased in ~ a price the $1 every 50MB of data which equates to $20 every 1GB the data.

At the $60-a-month price, users obtain to use 2.5GB the data each month before data throttling kicks in. In addition, users gain extra features like unlimited 411 directory assistance, mobile hotspot tethering and unlimited international texts. Customers at the $50 level deserve to use 411 directory assistance and international texting, but at an extra cost.

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Along through the start of the no-contract wireless service, RadioShack will certainly be selling the Huawei Mercury Ice and also the Huawei obelisk to go with the service. At a price that $149.99, the Android-powered Huawei Mercury Ice uses a 4-inch display, a 8-megapixel camera and also a 1.4-GHz processor. The less-advanced Huawei obelisk will be sold at a usually price of $39.99 and also offers a integrated camera, full QWERTY key-board and mobile net access. RadioShack to represent are additionally planning top top launching two an ext phones prior to the finish of the month.

According come the Journal, RadioShack is attempting to take benefit of the huge demand for mobile gadgets like smartphones and also tablets in spite of the tiny margin that profit.

With hundreds of retails locations in the joined States, RadioShack management hopes to leverage the company’s visibility come attract more wireless customers. Both RadioShack and Leap Wireless room in a position where each firm needs to rise profitability end the next year to appease investors.

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With the RadioShack No-Contract Wireless service, RadioShack will certainly be going up versus companies choose Virgin Mobile. For instance, Virgin mobile offers more competitive pricing on no-contract smartphone plans. Customers can get limitless data and also texting with Virgin Mobile because that as little as $35 per month. Also with permitting a mobile hotspot on a HTC EVO V, a Virgin mobile customer can spend as small as $50 per month there is no signing up for a contract.