I have seen many apps that give the capability to wake up phone screen simply by picking the phone call up turn off a table (not talking around proximity sensor here). One thing they all have actually in-common is the this attribute places a wakelock on the device, and therefore that drains battery, and therefore the times out after a preset amount (1-10 minutes). Indigenous what ns understand, it functions by security front camera.

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My question is: exactly how do Moto X and also Nexus phones execute that then? They have actually this attribute in-built, but does that likewise place a wakelock? A 24-hour wakelock? Or perform they use something various other than prior camera? and if such, why isn"t over there an application that have the right to replicate this action for all phones?

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Devices like Moto X and also Nexus 5X/6P use a sensor hub to attain this feature, i m sorry is a:

microcontroller unit/coprocessor/DSP that helps to incorporate data from different sensors and process them. This technology can help off-load these work from a product"s main central processing unit, for this reason saving battery consumption and giving a performance improvement.

The neurosoup.org specifications suggest that the manufacturer implement a sensor hub:

The sensor ridge of a machine can optionally incorporate a sensor hub, useful to carry out some low-level computation at low power while the SoC deserve to be in a suspend mode. For example, step counting or sensor combination can it is in performed top top those chips. The is also a great place come implement sensor batching, adding hardware FIFOs for the sensor events. Watch Batching for an ext information.

How the sensor hub is shown up depends top top the architecture. That is periodically a different chip, and sometimes consisted of on the exact same chip as the SoC. Important features of the sensor hub is that it need to contain enough memory because that batching and also consume very little power to enable implementation of the low power neurosoup.org sensors. Part sensor hubs save on computer a microcontroller because that generic computation, and also hardware accelerators to enable really low strength computation for low power sensors.

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So the access of this feature depends ~ above the hardware of the device: if the manufacturer contains a sensors hub, climate the power intake will it is in optimized due to the fact that the main processor isn"t involved. Otherwise, the just possibility is come install dedicated apps (see for example the one quote in mine comment) that will monitor the accelerometer, resulting, though, in a higher battery drain.