Walmart auto company is a part of Walmart stores, the multinational retail corporation. Although the firm is known primarily for retail, its auto department is full featured and also offer automobile owners v a complete set of products and also services in ~ affordable rates. The agency also uses auto insurance, automobile accessories, buyers’ guides and also more.

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Bellow are the recent Walmart tire Center and also Walmart Oil readjust prices.


Oil & Lube Services

Pit Crew Oil Change$19.88
Standard Oil Change$29.88
High mileage Oil Change$39.88
Power & Performance$49.88

Tire Services

(Per Tire)
Basic tires installation Package$12.00
Value tires Installation Package consisting of Road hazard Protection$22.00
Lifetime Balance/Rotation$9.00
Valve Stem Installation$3.00
Flat tire Repair(tubeless) $10.00
Tire Mounting(carry-in)$5.00
Tire Mounting(specialty tires)$5.00
Tire Rotation$2.50
Lug seed Replacement$2.00
Reset Tire press Monitoring Sensors$5.00

Battery Services

(Per Battery)
Battery InstallationFREE
Battery surroundings (Non-Walmart purchased)$10.00
Battery Non-Corrosion Treatment$3.50
Battery Terminal finish Replacement$5.00

Other install Services

Fuel mechanism Service$20.00
Fuel System company with conventional Oil Change$40.00
Fuel System business with High usage Oil Change$50.00
Feature Wiper blade & environment (Per Blade)$6.00
Engine waiting Filter installation (except vans)FREE
Cabin air Filter Installation$10.00
Headlight reconstruction (Per Vehicle)$29.88
Headlight surroundings (Per Headlight)$7.50
Miniature pear Installation (Per Bulb)$5.00
Chassis Lubrication$4.50

Walmart Auto business History

Walmart was started in 1962 through Sam Walton, and seven years later on in 1969 to be incorporated. Because of the marketing approach and low prices, the company was may be to flourish rapidly and also by 1987 had roughly 1,200 shop and an ext than 200,000 associates. Currently the firm has end 11,000 stores with 55 distinctive names operation in 27 countries around the world. The company also owns Sam’s Club sleeve warehouses.

By the numbers alone it is the greatest public copy, group in the world, and it has actually over 2 million employees. Walmart is a family owned business and also is at this time the best grocery retailer in the unified States. If the agency is recognized for gift a superstore, the has because ventured into other businesses consisting of automated services.

Walmart Auto Services

Walmart automotive services have the right to be separated into number of categories including tires, batteries, car accessories, auto detailing, body tools and also equipment. The company also gives thread undertake warranty, auto insurance, oil filter guides and other unique offers.

Their tire organization line consists of several different packages. The simple package consists of stems, valves, tire mounting and re-torque. Their worth Tire Installation parcel meanwhile, includes all those in the simple Package but has secondary Road peril Warranty. They additionally offer lifetime balance/rotation, valve stem installation, level tire repair and more.

Walmart Battery Services

Walmart likewise provides an extensive battery installation solutions of batteries and also components whether they room purchased native Walmart or not. These battery packages additionally come through battery non-corrosion treatment and battery terminal replacement.

Walmart Oil and also Lube Services

Walmart’s automotive service likewise offers pit crew oil change, power and also performance checkups and also various lube connected services. These include but are not limited to vacuum interior, checking and also filling transmission fluids and inspection the the vehicle’s battery. Your technicians will likewise perform checks on the wait filter, the headlights and other essential parts in her car.

Other Installation services Provided

Apart native those already mentioned, Walmart likewise offers a variety of other services including complete fuel system service, typical oil change, high mileage change, wiper tongue installation and engine wait filter installation. In addition, Walmart provides a substantial cabin wait filter installation and also complete restoration and also installation of headlights. Furthermore, your licensed technicians command mini bulb installation and also chassis lubrication. Girlfriend can find Walmart oil readjust price above.

Finally, Walmart auto business provides totally free shipping and delivery when you bespeak tires, and also there room a number of car care products and accessories available. Your accessories, it must be noted, are for the vehicle’s interior and exterior and also include chair covers, stems organizers, an individual fridge and also rubber floor mats. Their automobile body tool range on the various other hand, consists of chargers, jacks, lifts, vehicle ramps, garage shop equipment and also many more.

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For an ext information on Walmart auto center and their solutions or to uncover the closestly Walmart auto facility locations, visit your website. Nothing forget to examine out our Walmart Auto facility Coupons web page for discounts and also specials.

Walmart Tire and Lube Hours

Monday9:00 to be - 9:00 pm
Tuesday9:00 to be - 9:00 pm
Wednesday9:00 to be - 9:00 pm
Thursday9:00 to be - 9:00 pm
Friday9:00 to be - 9:00 pm
Saturday9:00 to be - 7:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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