Get your eyes confirm at the optometry office that Donald G. Davisson, OD in Dickson, TN. My practice is situated next to a Wal-Mart Vision Center, and also many patients uncover it convenient to be able to get one eye test and also take advantage of the assorted products and also services easily accessible through Wal-Mart at this location. Rest assured that by making me her go-to eye doctor, you will certainly receive outstanding optometry services every time you come to me. Visit my optometry office today!


I have a team of committed professionals ready to offer you.

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I am cursed to delivering outstanding customer service.I have remained in operation for an ext than 25 years.I have been practicing since 1987.I offer convenient payment options.I offer honest and competitive rates.I provide reliable optometry services.

If you are in search of a skilled eye physician in Dickson, TN, head over to the office that Donald G. Davisson, OD. Ns am your source for excellent and budget-friendly eye treatment services. I bring extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge, and also state-of-the-art modern technologies to the table, allowing me to take care of all your optometry requirements with unequaled precision and also care. Fall by for a consultation today and also discover why more and more people room making me their wanted eye doctor.



Dr. Don Davisson grew up in Southeastern Ohio and was valedictorian of his high institution class. He played baseball at David Lipscomb College and met his future wife, Jennifer, when both to be attending there.

After marrying in 1980, Don and Jennifer spent the following twelve year living in Ohio. Don perfect his physician of Optometry degree at the Ohio State college College the Optometry and also graduated in 1987. After five years of private exercise in Ironton, Ohio, they moved to Jennifer’s hometown of Fairview, TN and also have to be there ever since.

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They have two adult children, Zane and Carmen. Don"s hobbies include running, exercising, weight training, the town hall football, and singing. He is among the track leaders at the Fairview Church that Christ.

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At the an initial sign of an eye problem, you recognize where come go. My optometry office is open up on Saturdays while many of the neighborhood private workplaces are not. I will certainly make certain you receive the optometry servicesyou require when you need them the most. Please keep in mind that as an optometrist, i am no employed by Wal-Mart and operate together a separate service entity. Have to you have any kind of questions, please feel totally free to contact me. I look front to serving you!

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Donald G. Davisson, OD

175 Beasley Drive
Dickson, TN 37055

Hours that Operation

Monday to Thursday: 9:00 to be – 5:30 PM

Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 to be – 1:30 PM

Sunday: Closed


Payment Options

I expropriate the complying with insurances:
American express | Avesis | Cash | inspect | Davis | Debit | discover | double Complete | in march | Mastercard | NVA | Spectera | superior | UHC | Visa | VSP (Exam only)
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