Ember is a Warframe that concentrates on the usage of fire abilities and also deserve to deal a significant amount of heat damage to adversaries in a big location.

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Her abilities are good for dealing large quantities of damage and she does well once encountering a huge group of opponents, nuking them and also dealing damage over time.

Using her abilities together have the right to quickly take out big teams of enemies and store her defended from damages via the enhancement of being able to carry out crowd manage.

How to Get Ember?



Ember’s components have the right to be got as a reward from beating General Sargas Ruk in Tethys on Sarotate.

Her blueprint is obtainable for purchase using the industry in the orbiter for 25,000 Credits.

Ember might be straight bought as well from the sector for 225 Platinum.

Ember Prime


Ember Prime is the prime variant of Ember and also has actually increased stats such as armor and shield.

Relics that contain Ember Prime:

Blueprint: Vaulted: Meso E1, Neo E1, Axi E1 Available: None

Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso F3, Neo S5 Available: None

Chassis: Vaulted: Meso F2, Neo F1 Available: None

Systems: Vaulted: Lith G1, Axi S2 Available: None



Ember has actually the capability to send out balls of fire to burn her enemies, reason opponents in a large area to take extra damages from warm damage, produce a ring of fire that increases and also burns adversaries inside it and set all her enemies on fire by ssuggest running near them.

Her passive ability gives her 5% added capacity stamina for each adversary within a 50-meter radius that is engulfed in flames.



Sends forward a bevery one of fire to damage adversaries in an are wbelow the projectile impacts together with the possibility of establishing opponents on fire also.

The capability can be charged up to deal even more damage and also tbelow is a combo window which will certainly make successive fireballs deal even even more damages.

Charge rate and damage boost as the Ember’s Immolation level increases.

This capability is excellent for dealing damages to adversaries that are either close to or much and inflicting them through the warmth standing effect to deal damages over time.


(Ember casting Fireball and also burning enemies)


Augment Mod: Fireround Frenzy causes the capacity to provide allies through 100% extra heat damages for 40 secs as soon as being held to cast.



Activating this capacity shields Ember via fire which gradually becomes to grow over time which is displayed by a bar on the display.

The better the level of warm she has actually will certainly influence the damage reduction she gets versus enemy attacks and various other damages resources.

Heat will certainly gradually rise over time but casting Fireball or Inferno will cause the shield to burn up much faster while making use of Fire Blast will certainly alleviate the warmth.

If the warm bar becomes full, Ember will begin to lose power but the ability can constantly be regulated using her various other abilities to save it at a level desired.

The capacity have the right to be deactivated as soon as pressed aget to either revolve it off or reset the warmth level.

This ability is good for providing Ember even more survivcapacity and also can aid her survive grave encounters either against heaps of enemies or in the middle of powerful bosses.


(Ember through Immolation active)


Augment Mod: Immolated Radiance grants nearby allies 50% of the damages reduction that the capability offers.

Fire Blast


Ember slams the ground, sending out a wave of fire going outwards that knocks back enemies and sets them on fire.

Enemy armor is also stripped which is influenced by Immolation, bring about more armor being stripped depending on exactly how high the Immolation level is.

This is a great crowd manage capability as it sends out enemies earlier as soon as points get as well stormy and the touch of inflicting them through warmth standing helps with her passive.

Using Fire Blast deserve to be provided to manage the Immolations warmth level as it reduces the Immolation level once it is cast.


(Ember casting Fire Blast)


Augment Mod: Healing Flame causes Fire Blast to heal Ember by approximately 25 to 50 health for each opponent that is hit.



Ember calls dvery own comets from over that hit every opponent in a radius about her, dealing damage upon affect and leading to them to have actually a ring of fire about them.

The ring of fire will cause damages over time and expand also to surrounding enemies, causing them to likewise take damage.

Damage from the ring of fire will certainly boost based upon Immolation, making it deal even more damage based on exactly how high the Immolation level is.

This capacity is good for nuking teams of adversaries and have the right to easily add to Ember’s passive.


(Ember casting Inferno)


Augment Mod: Exothermic gives a 15% possibility for energy orbs to drop once an foe is killed by Inferno.

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Suggested Builds

Balanced Build


Our Balanced Build for ember permits her to use all of her abilities sparingly through an excellent increase in ability strength, variety and effectiveness.

Tbelow may be a slight reduction to the capacity duration but this does not seriously affect her abilities and also you wont also notice the reduction.

Being able to cast all of her abilities whenever before she desires will certainly allow her to fight adversaries and help allies via crowd regulate.

This is an excellent construct for those that are trying out Ember or for those that require a typical develop to start off with and also later on adjust as they please.


(Ember using a number of of her abilities)

Nuker Build (Efficiency and also Range Build)


The Nuker build is basically meant to cast Ember’s abilities repetitively in addition to an excellent supply of power to assistance the casting expenses.

This build will certainly permit you to consistently actors your abilities to deal damage in a large area and also inflict enemies through condition possibilities or knock them dvery own for crowd manage.

Fire Ball deserve to continuously be cast to damages adversaries and Inferno deserve to be cast to deal damage to all adversaries within array and also apply status effects and also the ring of fire that broadens.

Using this construct enables you to deal continual damages over time to adversaries as well as have actually a method to knock several opponents in an area back.


(Ember spreading Inferno on a number of opponents in a huge area)

Damage Over Time Build (Duration Build)


The Damage Over Time develop focuses on having actually a good amount of duration for the construct in addition to a rise via Ember’s various other stats.

This largely focuses on utilizing Inferno to inflict adversaries with its effects in an attempt to make them take damage over time for a prolonged period.

Using this construct works well through different playstyles and also have the right to be supplied to deal damages to opponents while running around or once encountering them directly.


(Ember moving roughly opponents that are affected by Inferno)

Survivability Build (Balanced Build With Health And Rapid Thinking)


Using a lesser but even more well balanced construct, we offer Ember even more survivability with the enhancement of Vitality for even more health and also Fast Thinking for a opportunity to escape death.

This allows Ember to be more aggressive throughout objectives and also leap into fight even more together with the use of her skills.

In the occasion of taking fatal damage, Fast Thinking will certainly offer Ember a chance to escape by either using her abilities to knock adversaries amethod and also make a run for it or to usage her abilities and fight back within the restricted time wright here she defies death.

This is an excellent construct for those that like to usage her abilities and also engage in combat, specifically those who desire to obtain close up and personal and dish out most melee hits.

With a good amount of skill, this can be one of the strongest hybrid builds for players to usage as an all-roughly build.


(Ember fighting opponents up close while likewise utilizing abilities)

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Ember is a very powerful Warstructure and also known to deal a huge amount of warm damages, burning opponents all about her.

Her Fire Ball ability offers her the opportunity of taking out enemies from any kind of distance while her Inferno capability renders her very deadly, bring about damage to a huge location about her.

Aside from her initial damages from her abilities, she likewise inflicts most warmth condition impacts, making opponents take damages over time and inevitably die.

Not only deserve to she deal a lot of damages however she can additionally administer crowd regulate to knock enemies down, giving her and also her allies an edge in objectives.

Although she is a little bit vulnerable as a result of her low health and wellness and also conventional armor, she deserve to dish out a lot of damage and also even make it through some of the fiercest fights as soon as supplied skillfully.

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Hitting enemies with explosive projectiles and also setting all of her foes on fire, Ember stays among the the majority of favorite and renowned among location of effect damage dealers.