Since that is the shift between the season, the earlier half is colder and also can also see snow, when the second half of march is normally warmer.

While you’re in town, be sure to check out height things to execute in DC in March.

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March in the nation’s capital brings the beginning of spring but it will still have a few colder days, especially during the early component of the month.


Daytime high temperatures at an early stage in March tend to be mainly in the short 50s F (about 11 C).

But by the end of the month are more likely to be in the low 60s F (16-17 C) with a couple of of the warmer days getting to up into the mid-70s F (23 C) or higher.

Overnight low temperatures early in March often tend to it is in in the low to mid-30s f (0-2C) v a few mornings dropping down into the mid-20s F (-3 C) or lower.

By the end of March, however, the morning short temperatures are more likely to be in the low 40s F (5-6 C).

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HOW much SUN, RAIN, and SNOW?

About 15 job this month will watch sunny or at least partly sunny skies through some kind of precipitation falling on about 13 days.

Significant precipitation amounts of 0.5 inch (13mm) or more, however, usually take place on only 2 or 3 days.


Does it eye in march in DC?

Snow does take place this month but measurable snowfalls, on average, on just 1 day v snowfalls the 1 customs (2.5cm) or more occurring on sooner or later every 5 years.


Be certain to check out our post,What to Wear and Pack in DC, for advice all year ring on DC weather and how to prepare for it.


Winter-like weather deserve to still take place in March, especially early on in the month, so you will need to carry some winter gear.

If you’re coming later, there will certainly be many of sunny days so pack lighter clothes.

Below we have a list of things we recommend packing for visiting DC in March:

1. Winter cloak

March is still cold in DC, so a good winter cloak is recommended.

We favor the sporty coats choose this one native Columbia, i m sorry is great for lengthy walks amongst the DC memorials. It’s no bulky and also convenient to pack.


2. Great

For warmer days, you could just require a sweater, so packing layers is important. Think long-sleeved shirts and also a couple of light to tool sweaters.

3. Accessories: Hats, Scarf, Gloves

You will want to accessorize v a hat, scarf, and gloves on cold days.

These unisex gloves by TRENDOUXare great because they have touch-screen capabilities, which allows you to conveniently use her smartphone without having to constantly remove your gloves.


Below are some of the height things to execute in DC in March.

Be sure to review our full write-up on what to carry out in DC in March which includes cost-free things come do, night and family-friendly tasks and attractions, and also our definitive article on the ideal things to execute in DC.

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