This is your Yu-senpai and I am back for an additional donghua FAQ session right here in the blog and also this time, i shall discuss Fog Hill of Five aspects or Wu Shan Wu Xing. I am sure that this is a familiar title to plenty of donghua fans together this had been just one of the most anticipated and also flashy series that aired in 2020.Despite its quick stint which has actually been made up of 3 episodes, the left united state craving for much more because that its amazing animation, stunning visuals, beautiful and unique personality designs, and also interesting story. Fog Hill of Five facets had been on a organization of its very own in regards to animation and design, and also the Chinese culture embedded in every inch of that is story and also artistic exhibition.

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In this post, i would prefer to re-publishing some basic information about Fog Hill the Five aspects that fans and even those who are brand-new to Chinese animation should know. This is one of the collection that ns would prefer to introduce as a starter title for new fans that donghua together this show deserves an ext attention regardless of how brief it may be. Technically, this is a masterpiece that might stand ~ above its very own ground even against the finest works from the Japanese computer animation industry together as assault on Titan, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and also the Fate series.
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Fog Hill of Five facets Overview

The Fog Hill of Five facets or Wu Shan Wu Xing is a passion project from its director Lin Hun. The most generic summary that I can give come this amazing donghua is the it has similar vibes to the Avatar franchise from Nickelodeon. Mental the series Avatar: The critical Airbender, and also The Legend that Korra? Fog Hill of the Five aspects is quite similar to this franchises yet it has actually the Chinese essence at that core: the arts style, the culture, and beliefs, the martial arts, and a entirety lot more. ~ above the donghua’s hiatus, Lin Hun also start publishing the Wu Shan Wu Xing manhua adaptation and also is right now translated and posted by Guodong Subs on your site.
Fog Hill of 5 Elements


A legend tells the a lengthy time ago, monsters could give the capacity to grasp the five elements to particular elected officials. But for that, you need to go v the dangerous foggy mountains… we follow the adventures the the Fire Axis, among these elected officials.

Release Date

Fog Hill that Five facets released its very first episode top top July 26, 2020, in ~ bilibili. Originally, the ONA was an initial announced to premiere its an initial episode in 2019 yet that was delayed till the summer the 2020.
So far, over there are only three (3) episodes of Fog Hill that Five aspects that have been released and also they space all accessible on bilibili.

Animation Studio & Staff

The donghua to be animated by Samsara animation Studio i m sorry sole purpose is to work-related on Fog Hill of five Elements. It was established by Lin Hun and also that is once the production of the donghua started in 2017. The studio only employed roughly 6 employee that functioned on Fog Hill the Five facets in the last 3 years. Part interns assisted them transparent the process of creating the project.
Samsara animation StudioFog Hill that Five facets director, Lin Hun is attributed for practically every key task in the project such as the scriptwriter, art director, and also the opening theme song performer.Here’s a bit of a backstory about the project, Lin Hun’s first work is dubbed Kuiyu Chouyuan
, an epos martial arts historical donghua. That trailer ~ above YouTube had gained so much attention and also people had been craving to view it, unfortunately, the project had actually been referred to as off as result of some concerns in the production stage.
Kuiyu Chouyuan TrailerKuiyu Chouyuan eventually didn’t end up being a reality and that leader Lin Hun come start one more passion project and that is Fog Hill of 5 Elements. To protect against compromises and also maintain quality, he specifically leads the project and establishes the Samsara computer animation Studio. Later in the manufacturing stage, nice Boat computer animation (previously functioned on Dahufa and also White Cat Legend) co-produced the job with them.


There room various personalities in the story however Fog Hill the Five aspects revolves about the Fire Axis and also the other Elemental Envoys, and their delicate relationship v each other and the human being they live in.This slideshow requires JavaScript.
The five Elemental Envoys space the mediator in between the realms of demons and also humans. Here are the 5 Envoys of Fog Hill of five Elements:
Fire Axis: Wen Ren Yu XuanWater Axis: Shen Tu Zi YeMetal Axis: Xuan Yuan Shen JunWood Axis: Rong Cheng Mo XiEarth Axis: Gong Yi Chu RenI have actually previously released a thorough post about all the personalities from the ONA here: Fog Hill the Five elements Characters

Trailers & PVs

Here we have actually the trailers and also promotional videos that have actually been exit throughout the production stage the the series until its official released critical year.Fog Hill of Five elements TrailerThe extended Trailer

Where to clock Fog Hill of 5 Elements?

I have actually seen many world are still asking this question: Where can I clock Fog Hill of five Elements? Furthermore, some people are also asking if Fog Hill of Five aspects is accessible on a major streaming organization provider such together Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, Netflix, and many more. Unfortunately, the collection is only available legally at bilibili.Guodong Subs also noted the official English subtitles for Fog Hill the the Five elements donghua and on the recurring manga. Girlfriend can check for more details around it on their page: Guodong Subs.However, there are some fansubbing teams like Kurina Official, izfanmade, Mundo Donghua, Animexin, and also several channels on YouTube the uploaded your fan-translated illustration of the ONA.

Fog Hill that Five aspects Chapter II

Now, after the very first three episodes of the series that aired critical year. We room all questioning these two questions: Will Fog Hill the the Five elements Continue? If yes, When is the release of Fog Hill of Five facets Episode 4?Let me prize the first question, yes the series continues and is now on its thing 2. Therefore, we have the right to all expect more actions and also visually stunning animation in the upcoming illustration of Fog Hill of 5 Elements. While us don’t have a specific date because that its release yet, we had been treated to a brief teaser which was released top top February 12 by Samsara animation Studio because that the celebration event of Chinese brand-new Year as shown below.

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Further Reading: Anime & Donghua like Fog Hill of 5 Elements

If you men are yearn for an ext after the town hall Fog Hill of 5 Elements and feels favor you should dive into one more anime suffer to further satiate your appetite, climate we have here several of the best-animated collection that you deserve to try:Attack ~ above TitanDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaDororoKabaneri of the iron FortressSword of the StrangerNinja ScrollViolet EvergardenWhite Cat LegendHeaven Official’s BlessingGrandmaster the Demonic CultivationGod of High SchoolVinland SagaFate seriesOne-Punch ManMob Psycho 100My Hero AcademiaSoul land / Douluo DaluMartial UniverseHitori no Shita: The Outcast 
That’s it. I hope i was maybe to help you answer several of your questions about Fog Hill of 5 Elements. Should you have any questions around it, you re welcome let us understand by leaving a comment below and we will shot our best to prize it. Nevertheless, room you men excited because that the fourth episode the the donghua? We space all stunner excited about it and if you great to gain the recent updates about it, subscribe to our newsletters to receive it right in her inbox.

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