In this game, girlfriend watch paint dry in real time. There"s also some other things however it"s mostly around watching paint dry. Have fun.

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Title_Pending Demo Now available for Download ~ above Steam!

Title_Pending is a story based select your own adventure game. Become a playtester and explore the liminal spaces of one old apartment structure to clear the mystery behind JMC Gaming Enterprises...



Watching paint Dry now on GMOD WorkshopFeb 26 2020News 1 comment

The Synergy mode for Watching paint Dry is now on the GMOD Workshop

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Watching repaint Dry: The video game (2.0.2)Dec 29 2020Full version 80 comment



Watching paint Dry: The video game - MMod Compatibility patch (1.0)Sep 21 2020Singleplayer Map 1 comment

This compatibility job will allow you to play through Watching repaint Dry: The game with the visual and also gameplay enhancements that HL2: MMod needs to offer...


Watching repaint Dry: Linux PatchJan 25 2020Patch 2 comment

This patch permits Watching repaint Dry to operation on the Linux OS

Watching paint Dry: synergy effect / GMOD VersionDec 20 2019Full variation 7 comment

This variation of WPD allows you to play through friends, and also has adjustments in order to do it more playable in multiplayer.

Watching repaint Dry: The game (1.0.0)Jul 31 2019Full version 65 comment

READ THE README document AND placed THE small letter "watchingpaintdry" FOLDER right into SOURCEMODS OR THE game WILL not LAUNCH

Watching repaint Dry: The video game (BETA)Jul 1 2019Demo 14 comments

A game where you watch paint dry, in actual time. There"s some various other stuff too yet it"s mostly around watching repaint dry.

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you deserve to escape from bonzi by using the time an equipment and poignant the wall, you additionally get teleported come wpd_asc

it simply kicks me indigenous the video game when ns join. IDK how deserve to i collection SDK base to upcoming properties. Deserve to u teach me just how to perform it ComradeRay?