Welcome come Bag main 2018. Every year your faithful friends in ~ neurosoup.org spend whole week looking at bags. Why? since bags — regularly ignored but full of our important electronics — room the exterior representations of ours techie styles, and also we put much too tiny thought right into where we keep our most prized possessions.

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If you’re trying to find a an excellent jacket or bag, you have actually your selection of materials: leather, heavy nylon, waterproof man-made weaves choose Gore-Tex… however for my money (and not a little of that either) the king of them all is waxed canvas. Pliant however protective, wind and also water-resistant but breathable, handsome to start but grows a personality of that is own, waxed canvas strikes, for me, the perfect balance of attributes. I drape myself in it, and also in the instance of bags, drape it from myself.

The main caveat is that it is no is cheap — sure, friend can obtain a bag for $30 or $40 top top Amazon, however if you want something that will live because that years and years and also get better with age, you’re going to it is in spending rather a bit more than that.

The bags below are expensive, yet like leather the craftsmanship and also material quality matter a an excellent deal in whether you finish up with an object that deteriorates steadily or comes into its own. Like so numerous things, you obtain what friend pay because that — as much as a details point, of course.

I’ve collected bags native a selection of producers and also tried them every for the last couple of months throughout everyday use and trips the end of town. I concentrated on the “fits a medium-size laptop through room because that a pair of books and a camera” size, however many of this makers have plenty of variety to pick from.

Check the galleries under each bag to see instances of something I pick out as nice or irritating. (The galleries space all yes, really tall due to the fact that of a an insect in our system. Don’t worry about it.)

ONA Union Street ($299) and also Brixton ($289)


Pros: Rigidity and padding, customizable dividers, nice snaps

Cons: Cheap-feeling interior, bulky, could be waxier

Ona’s bags, at the very least these, are aimed more at the laptop-camera combo than others, with extra padding and internal dividers for bodies and extra lenses.

I the evaluation the Union Street years and also years back during a ahead bag week and liked the so much that I determined to buy one. It’s the bigger of these 2 bags, fitting a 15-inch laptop and a DSLR through an extra lens or two little ones.

Not just is the entirety interior lined through padding, but the dividers room padded and the main flap itself has a sturdiness that has helped protect my gear against drops and kicks. The bottom, although it is also padded and feels soft, has actually lived v years that scooting around and placement on rough terrain.

I choose the spring-powered self-locking snaps, though as soon as I an initial got the bag i was persuaded they’d it is in the an initial thing come fail. 7 years and also thousands of breaks later, they’re quiet going strong, and also when ns was concerned one was failing (it didn’t), Ona gladly sent out me a replacement.

It was my standby for a long time, and I still have it. It has aged well in part ways, not so fine in rather — its waxed front has actually survived years of scratches and also slides follow me the floor and is marvelously smooth and still water-resistant. I don’t know exactly how they walk it. ~ above the various other hand, some locations have worn holes and also the magnet that holds the back flap close up door (a smart idea) eventually burrowed its means out.

The more recent one feels an extremely lightly waxed, however I know it’s in there. That said, if you want the full waxy look and also feel, it might use a little bit more. It’s really a issue of taste.

The inside is the weakest link. The fuzzy plush inner feels cheap come me (though it’s undeniably protective), there room no inner pockets and also repeated sticking and unsticking of the Velcro dividers attract the product down in places. Although gift able come customize the interior an are is invaluable for photographers specifics a pair of solid decisions inside would make that a better all-purpose bag, in mine opinion.

The Brixton is the Union Street’s smaller sized sibling, fitting a 13-inch laptop and also a bit less camera-wise. Castle share numerous qualities, consisting of price (only a $10 difference) and also ultimately the decision is just one of what you need rather 보다 which is better.

For me it’s a toss-up. I prefer the open, different pockets on the exterior the the Brixton for things choose filters and also cables, yet the zippered front pocket of the Union Street is far better for pens, phones and more valuable stuff. Personal I favor the look of the Union Street better, through its riveted straps and also uninterrupted waxed canvas flap.

If I had actually to choose, I’d go through the Union Street again, due to the fact that it’s no so much larger that it becomes cumbrous, however the extra room may make the difference between having to fill a second bag or not.

Filson 24-Hour tin Briefcase ($395)

Pros: Versatile, fine made and also guaranteed, spacious

Cons: Lighter material and wax, floppy handles, storm flap nitpick

Filson has actually been a Seattle standby because that a century and more, with its signature waxed-canvas jackets extending the bodies of the hip, the outdoorsy and the tourists alike. Their most practical bag is this one, the 24-Hour believe Briefcase, which together the name suggests is a little an ext on the overnight bag next of things.

This bag has actually a large main compartment with a padded laptop area the will hold a 15-incher easily, and a pair of pockets on the within to isolation toothbrushes and pens and the like. On the outside is a pair of good-sized zippered pockets that open large to allow access from one of two people the optimal or side; inside those room organizer strips and sub-pockets because that pens and also so on.

This is certainly the finest generalist out of the bags ns tried — it’s equally at home as a everyday driver or in ~ the airport. Essentially it’s the perfect “personal item” carry-on. When I’m leaving for a expedition I invariably grab this bag since it’s therefore adaptable. Although it looks a little bit bulky that flattens under well when not full, but it doesn’t look at weird once it’s packed tightly.

A bonus through Filson is that must it ever rip or failure — and also I mean ever — you deserve to take it in and also they’ll solve or job it because that free. I’ve done this with my jackets and it’s 100 percent awesome. The scars wherein the tears were make for even an ext character.

On the various other hand, unlike plenty of Filson products, this one feels only lightly waxed. If girlfriend want much more protection indigenous rain you’ll want to include some wax yourself, no something everyone wants to do. You’ll ultimately re-wax any of these bags, however this one simply seemed to require it ideal off the bat. The product is a tiny lighter than several of the various other bags, but that can be a plus or a minus. I wouldn’t psychic if it to be a bit much more heavy-duty, prefer their “rugged twill.”

The handles room nicely made and thick, yet tend to type of flop approximately when not needed. And also the storm flap the covers the top zipper, while welcome, feels favor it has the snap on the wrong next — it makes attaching or detaching that a two-hand affair. As soon as it isn’t full, the bag have the right to be a little bit shapeless — it’s not really boardroom ready. For the you want Croots or Ernest Alexander below.

Ernest Alexander Walker and also Hudson – $385

Pros: good texture and also color, nice style details, low profile

Cons: Impractical closure on Hudson, pedestrian has minimal space, watch compromise energy a bit

Note: i tried 2 bags indigenous this machine and regrettably in the during both have sold out. I’ve asked once they’ll be earlier on the market, but for currently you can take this evaluation as a general indicator of the top quality of Ernest Alexander bags.

The one I required to from the begin is the Walker; it has actually a pleasantly sleek, minimal watch on the outside, the product a handsome cacao color that has started come wear well. However open increase the flap and you have actually this lovely blue well canvas within (there’s a reverse plan as well). Come me this was the many refined of every the bags in this roundup. I like that there room no snaps, clips or anything visible on the external — just a vast expanse of the beautiful material.

It’s a slim bag however not restrictively so; if what you require to bring isn’t awkward or bulky, there’s room because that a an excellent amount in there. Books, a mirrorless through a pancake lens, laptop — sure. Yet you’re absolutely not fitting a spare set of clothes or some groceries.

The little zippered exterior pocket is good for a phone or cables, while the deep interior and also exterior pockets are conveniently accessed and fairly spacious. If you regulate your loadout, there’s room for numerous stuff in here.

Unfortunately, if you don’t regulate it, the bag gets bent the end of shape easily. Since the optimal flap attaches come the bottom at the center, if it gets too full the entirety thing bulges awkwardly and also the advice flip out. And also the lug strap, alas, often tends to tug top top the flap in a means that color etc its sides up and away indigenous the clip. And don’t even try to pick it up with the flap detached.

Placing the clip under the flap also makes because that a fiddly procedure — you have to lift increase one side to gain at it, and also because the loop flips down when not in use, it i do not care a two-handed procedure to put the 2 pieces together. A sturdier, an ext fixed loop would make this easier. Yet it’s every in the name of style, and the sleek exterior may comprise for this fussy aspects.

The cross-body strap has a most extra material however I made it right into a neat small knot. Ns think it functions pretty well, actually.

The bigger Hudson messenger i was prepared to like but ultimately just can’t recommend. About theory it’s fantastic, v magnetic bag closures, lots of room, and also a cross between the simplicity of the Walker and the flexibility of the Filson bag. However the closure mechanism is just too lot of a hassle.

It’s two straps in a basic belt style, which room a substantial pain to carry out over and also over if you’re typically opening and also closing the bag. Contrasted to Ona closures, which combine speed with the flexibility of belt-style adjustment, it just takes forever to accessibility the Hudson. If they do a revised version of this bag the addresses this, the will have my hearty recommendation.

Croots England Vintage Canvas Laptop – $500

Pros: Handsome, fine padded, great craftsmanship and materials

Cons: Flappy handles, uneven wear, laptop compartment, expensive

Having encountered a Croots bag in the wild one time, ns knew I had to include this long-time waxed canvas player in the roundup. Croots waxed canvas is less oily than Filson or ONA, much more like a hefty sailcloth. The feels very solid and stop its shape well. That is, however, on the high end of the spectrum.

That said, since of its stiffness, the Vintage Canvas Laptop bag seems to want to wear prematurely in locations that stick the end a bit, favor corners or folds close to stitching. The wear procedure shifts the material from the smooth, practically ballistic nylon texture to a rough fuzzy one the I’m not so sure about. The aging from simply a couple of weeks of use currently has me a little worried, but it’s also an extremely thick canvas.

The architecture is a bit more busy 보다 the Ernest Alexander bags, but really handsome and mostly practical. I love the olive color, i m sorry contrasts beautifully through the red backing for the zippers. That doesn’t look at Christmas-y in ~ all, don’t worry.

The straps space a standout feature. The thick leather handles room attached below the zipper and rear pocket to D-rings, i beg your pardon in turn attach to different leather straps that go under the entire bag. First this way that the handles upper and lower reversal down easily out of the way, since the D-rings rotate in their loops. The riveted building and construction also method that there’s no stitching to worry around in the whole strap assembly. And the bottom of the loops perform a little simple protection of the canvas under there.

It also method that when you’re walking, the outside handle has tendency to flap quite ungracefully versus the side; the inside one, increase or down, will certainly be rubbing against your flank or back. You can, however, stow lock in the side pockets v a bit of effort, which is a thoughtful touch.

The inner is a lovely the shade of red, with several large loose pockets and also some stiff leather ones because that notebooks and also so on. Regrettably the laptop bag is poorly proportioned: it’s hugely spacious, enough for three or 4 laptops to slide in, but the switch to snap it shut is so low that ns can’t obtain it fastened end a single 13-inch MacBook Pro. The idea the it can hold a 15-inch is ludicrous.

There’s several padding, though, so i wasn’t worried about anything banging around. There’s likewise the choice for a different camera insert, though big SLR customers will most likely want to dimension up.

There isn’t a heck of a most room in there however this is definitely meant to be a day-to-day driver briefcase and not one overnight bag — a “personal item” on the plane perhaps yet I would certainly take the Filson or ONA over it for room reasons. However as a bag to take it to occupational the cafe, or the bookstore it’s a an excellent option and also a to mark one. The trip Bag is a slightly more expansive and also unique option.

S-Zone – $30

Pros: Price, magnetic closures, animal leather edge details

Cons: Cheap-feeling interior and leather, tiny padding because that laptop

To balance out the admittedly really expensive bags in this review I made decision to grab a cheap one turn off Amazon as well. Together I expected, it isn’t up to the top quality level the the others, but for $30 it’s a bargain. If you want to experience how waxed canvas evolves and also wears, an inexpensive bag favor this is a an excellent way to try it out.

The S-Zone’s cloth is a tiny thin yet solid, rather stiff to begin with, however that’s good — it’ll ease up as you use the bag. The internal is a cheap-feeling synthetic, but — it’ll work, yet you won’t feel prefer royalty making use of it.

There’s animal leather detailing all over, and also in some areas it feeling solid, choose the attachments for the shoulder strap and also at the corners, where there are large patches that will scuff increase nicely. Yet the take care of feels choose trouble wait to happen.

Instead the a D-ring to enable it to upper and lower reversal down, the leather itself has actually been loosened up so the it’s extra bendy just above where that attaches. Once it’s down, the slim rope roughly which the manage leather is sheathe is exposed; I have the right to just view this acquiring soaked, bent, wet again, bent, and also getting weaker and also weaker.

The prior pockets room a tiny tight, but I like the little magnetic breaks — they make it straightforward to open and also close them there is no looking. Just be cautious not to stuff too much in there or the breaks won’t hold against the pressure. There’s a great deal the room inside, an ext than the Croots or Ernest Alexander, but less than the ONA or Filson.

But climate there’s the curious design selection to put padding in the divider specifying the laptop section, quite than top top the outside. And the leather corner pieces prevent just brief of it! That means the only thing in between the edge of your laptop and the ground is the nylon and canvas — and also they don’t do for much of a cushion. Despite the various other bags don’t all have devoted padding in this area, they perform all seem to alleviate it better, and also the S-Zone bag puts her laptop in the many danger that hitting the ground.

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Hopefully the high prices of this won’t revolve you off — watch for sales and also you deserve to get even these high-end options at large discounts (it’s just how I’ve to be able come afford castle myself).

Do friend have any recommendations for more bags follow me these present that us should check out for the next time we perform Bag Week? tell me in the comments!