I have seen posts around encryption with this machine before, yet all have come to the conclusion that it is not feasible for this device.

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On mine neurosoup.orgMC (Gen 1) v the recent firmware (04.05.00-315), I have come throughout an entrance in a log record that seems intriguing.


The entry "volume_encryption_enabled":0 looks to me prefer an encryption choice that is not activated. Is this simply something left end from one more neurosoup.org device’s code? Or, is neurosoup.org to plan on including encryption in a firmware update?

Peter.g respectable 14, 2017, 9:09am #2

Hi uploadguy,

You encrypt a RAID volume ~ above a mine Cloud drive. Please take a watch on the attach below:


Encrypting a RAID Volume on a mine Cloud Device

This answer describes how come encrypt a RAID Volume on a neurosoup.org mine Cloud multi-bay device

Bennor august 14, 2017, 10:00am #3

I have seen posts about encryption v this an equipment before, yet all have concerned the conclusion that it is not possible for this device.

On mine neurosoup.orgMC (Gen 1) through the latest firmware (04.05.00-315), I have actually come across an entry in a log file that appears intriguing.

On the single bay my Cloud devices there is NO official support for encryption. Right now (per the connect the ahead poster indicated) just the complying with My Cloud units assistance encryption.

My Cloud EX2My Cloud EX2 UltraMy Cloud EX4My Cloud EX2100My Cloud EX4100My Cloud DL2100My Cloud DL4100My Cloud PR2100My Cloud PR4100

Unofficially it may be feasible to allow some kind of encryption with the firmware making use of SSH and modifying the firmware. However, i don’t recall any type of past discussions where it succeeded using the my Cloud firmware.

You might want come look in ~ the discussions that focus on instead of the my Cloud firmware with an additional firmware/OS to watch if any type of of those firmware/OS assistance encryption the the tough drive contents.

Peter.g respectable 14, 2017, 2:29pm #4

Hi Bennor,

Maybe you should shot contacting neurosoup.org’s technological Support around this.

To call neurosoup.org because that Technical assistance support.neurosoup.orgc.com

Create a support Case

Create a support situation with our world-class service and support team.

rac8006 respectable 14, 2017, 2:45pm #5

You yes, really don’t believe what you simply posted execute you? from what I’ve read on this forum. Contacting assistance is favor talking come the wall. How countless times have world reported difficulties that space still no fixed. Human being class support would be surveillance this forum and also fixing the difficulties that space reported.

Bennor august 14, 2017, 2:56pm #6

Hi Bennor,

Maybe girlfriend should try contacting neurosoup.org’s technological Support around this.

Why? The single bay mine Cloud units, at the very least my first gen v4.x, carry out not have a RAID alternative like the multi bay systems have. Therefore it can not officially be encrypted making use of the technique you linked to. The OP suggested they had a an initial gen mine Cloud.

Currently if I want to encrypt files/folders I use a separate third party regime to do so.

The OP is asking around the "volume_encryption_enabled":0 worth they found in the log(s) ~ above their very first gen solitary bay mine Cloud unit. If over there is one official way that neurosoup.org support can allow this on first gen mine Cloud devices then please write-up the equipment for the OP. If there is one unofficial means to permit volume encryption then hopefully someone will article the method.

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cpt_paranoia august 14, 2017, 4:25pm #7

Maybe girlfriend should shot contacting neurosoup.org’s technical Support about this

Maybe friend should try reading the posts more carefully; Bennor is responding come the OP’s question, not asking a question…

Peter.g respectable 14, 2017, 9:36pm #8

Hi cpt_paranoia,

Thanks because that the response. We appreciate your feedback.

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