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We are Fucking Under Attack is a collection of reaction photos of a mock online video clip game advertisement in i beg your pardon a woman stands in former of a digital city and also the text "we space fucking under attack." The picture parodies video clip games such as Game that War and their advertisements.


The more quickly known usage of the image was published on the Tumblr <1> chloeniccole, who captioned the post "Me!" The write-up (shown below) received much more than 11,000 notes in four months.



Several months later, on might 22nd, Tumblr<2> user code-aeyeeta post an edited variation of the photo with the caption "jeremie every episode," referring to the character Jeremi from the cartoon Code Lyoko (shown below, left).

Later that week, on may 29th, Twitter <3> user
mstaint posted the initial image and also received much more than 160 retweets and 670 likes in less than one month.

Days later, ~ above June 4th, the image flourished in popularity on Twitter, ~ user
bkfstcorndogs<4> provided the picture as a punchline come the caption, "Work: *gets contempt busy* Me:" The write-up (shown below, center) received an ext than 11,000 retweets and also 32,000 likes.

Three days later, Twitter<5> user
jsphdeal tweeted, "stranger: *walks previous my home minding their own business* mine dog:" The article (shown below, right) received an ext than 15,000 retweets and also 46,000 likes in much less than one month.





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