Stanza 1: an initial 2 currently is saying the our eyes gain used in the dark even though when light is placed away. Figuratively speaking, it is informing us how human being get readjust and adapt to occasions in life. Darkness deserve to be associated to life problems. Present 3-4 is associating goodbyes to a life struggle that people may walk through. People come and go and we must change and store living on.

Stanza 2: when we acquire accustomed come the dark, we need a minute to gain used come the irradiate again. As with in Life, we have to adapt to brand-new things however we need to be cautious. New situations can cause us to it is in cautious and uncertain, similar to how our eye slowly adjust to light. When we had the moment to adjust, ours vision is clear. Figuratively, once we acquire our life together, we check out the roadway ahead. The road could be a an allegory to our future.

Stanza 3: Stanza 3 is talking about emotional struggles. Problem of the Mind. Our human kind is no lingering in the dark. Rather the darkness is associated to our emotional and also physiological stability. Many of ours decisions comes from our brain. If our brain is surrounded by darkness, we room not able to make decisions properly. The moon and also the star can be concerned people roughly you. Occasionally we feel like no one can assist us, we often tend to give up and also get offered to it.

Stanza 4: Stanza 4 is talking about how the brave civilization are the persons who usually take a leap. They are the ones who search because that answers. Brave civilization does no let their uncertainty hold them back, and also this outcomes to hurting themselves. Just like bumping into a tree. Even though the they acquired hurt, lock learned something. They were able to learn from a mistake and see with the darkness. Although taking action and it is in brave have the right to be difficult sometimes, we have to pull through to watch the irradiate ahead of us.

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Stanza 5: Stanza 5 is talking about change. The adjust would be us. If we adjust ourselves come the struggles we are facing, we space able to watch the roadway ahead that us. As soon as we space able to readjust and adapt, our lives become better. However, it states “And life steps almost straight.” the did no say “perfectly”. In ours lives, life will not be perfect. We space bound come face and also overcome obstacles.


The Dark symbolizes Hopelessness. In life, we confront hardships and sometimes failure to view hope. The light symbolizes Hope. The can also symbolize inspiration and also motivation.The Neighbour leaving have the right to be associated to how civilization come and go in ours lives. Once they leave, the seems prefer a light just shed off. The use of words lamp deserve to indicate the the city took place ago in the days.The Newness that the night relates to just how life changes. Us face brand-new situations every day and also we need to adapt come them and also continue living our lives.Our Vision symbolizes our mindset. Occasionally our attitude can it is in clouded v darkness and needs guidance come make best decisions.The roadway represents the future ahead of us.The evening of the mind represents the slump us go through. Once we space emotionally unstable, us fail to watch the positive things in life.The Moon and the Stars additionally represents hope. In the city it said that the moon and also star did not help. As soon as our brain and ours thoughts room surrounded with darkness, we become hopeless and give up. Occasionally hope doesn"t assist us get rid of the struggles we are going through.The Tree symbolizes the obstacles we go with in life. Sometimes those instances can ache us. However, we should go v it come learn new things and see the roadway ahead of us.


The ton of the city changes. Because that the an initial 4 stanzas the tone was gloomy. It displayed the emotion of hopelessness by making use of words such together darkness and also goodbye. Yet it shifts to a hopeful note. In the last stanza, it ended with a confident tone.

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That tells us that once we learn exactly how to adjust, our courses will become much more clearer.