George Strait and Jim Lauderdale have lot of of background between them. Due to the fact that 1992, Strait has cut 14 song penned or co-penned by Lauderdale, consisting of "We yes, really Shouldn't be Doing This," his third single from his One action at a Time album. After ~ the track debuted at No. 72 on Billboard's Hot country Singles & Tracks graph in may of 1998 thanks come unsolicited airplay, Strait released "We really Shouldn't be Doing This" as an main single in September of 1998, and the track peaked in the height 5 (No. 4).

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In 2016, Lauderdale reduced "We really Shouldn't be Doing This" because that his album This transforms Everything, an 11-track project recorded in Austin, Texas, on a short, one-day break in his summer tour schedule. Below, the singer-songwriter recalls for The boot his storage of writing the hit.

I remember, ns was working on -- I had actually finished my record dubbed Whisper, which came the end on RCA , and I to be renting a room, one apartment, on optimal of friend Miller's house. And also Buddy was acquiring his residence studio going, and he periodically at night -- girlfriend know, at two or three in the morning -- I would certainly hear stuff. So i thought, "Look, I desire to save this place, yet I'm gonna uncover some location else that's quiet." so I cleared up this good deal with this old hotel right here in town called the Union terminal -- it supplied to it is in an old train station -- and my ar was ideal by the rail tracks, I might hear the trains walking by, I can see the sunlight set, and it was really simply a an excellent place.

And that song idea -- periodically I really need to labor over , and also it's similar to tearing out my hair for the songs I write alone -- however that one ... As soon as I acquire a phrase, sometimes, girlfriend know, just that thought, i was just thinking about a conversation through somebody, and so that started coming out. And also so I got in the studio I've make a many records in and also a most demos, a place referred to as Moondog right here in town, and also Tim Coates was the engineer I functioned with, and Garry Tallent that the E Street Band, that was his studio.

So ns did a demo of the song, and my publisher had been -- they said, "George Strait is comin' up, he's walking in" -- they'd been pitching the these songs ... So ns took a CD and also dropped the by the studio. I thought, I'd simply done this, ns don't think there's any chance he'll document it, but I have actually nothing come lose, and also I'm discouraged because I'd offered him everything I thought he would certainly take, and the following day I discovered out he preferred it.

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A lot of times, v the songs, ns would intentionally write because that him, and I'd feel favor "I'm channeling George" ... And those would never obtain recorded.