Welcome to Pandora Challenges

Collect (10) Cash indigenous Chests and opponents in Pandora

Enemies eliminated and also Chests opened up within the Pandora Rift Zone have actually the potential to drop Cash. Cash is things which is not usable through the player and takes no list space, that is merely used for this Challenge.

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Eliminate (3) adversaries in Pandora

For this challenge you’ll want to take advantage of the four times in the desert terrain in i beg your pardon Pandora is located. Prevent the low crevices and stick come the high-ground of the mountains. Thankfully every players are on equal playing-ground once it pertains to knowledge of this location, so you’ll mainly be relying on her weapon skills.

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Search (7) Chests in Pandora

Because Pandora is a limited-time Rift Zone, we unfortunately have not recorded the potential Chest spawns because that the places within.

However, one thing to save in mental is the Chests found within the Pandora Rift Zone perform not look favor Chests in the remainder of the map.


Find Claptrap’s absent eye and then return it to him

Claptrap’s lacking Eye deserve to be found in a small house eastern of the Shipping Crates village.


Upon collecting Claptrap’s eye, he will spawn beneath the roadway sign just West of wherein you found the eye. Simply connect with Claptrap come return his eye.


Here is a map showing each of the previously mentioned locations.


Gain (500) shields in Pandora

While at the Rift Zone, players will begin to generate Shield at a really fast price after 4 seconds of no taking damage.

In a typical match in which you reach optimal 10, you will do it likely finish this challenge without also trying. Just don’t forget to enable the Rift region to reclaim your Shields, just use Shield pots once necessary.

Search (3) different Vault Symbols

There space a complete of 5 Vault price locations, every which deserve to be found on the side of one object. 

Theoretically you should have the ability to spot all of them indigenous ground-level, though the render distance on these appears to be a little bugged at the time of writing. If girlfriend don’t watch it indigenous afar, you should once you get closer.

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Here is what the Vault icons look favor in-game.


RewardsPsycho unusual Spray500 XP500 XPCrunk Bunny uncommon Spray500 XPVault Banner Icon