What resulted in relations come deteriorate in between the united States and also the Soviet Union in 1979?The united States got into Afghanistan to protect against the spread of Communism.The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to help its Communist government.The shah of Iran entered the united States, which angered Communists.The united States combated the Taliban, i m sorry angered Communists.

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What was the outcome of the Iran hostage rescue attempt?The hostages were successfully rescued by army force.The United states was humiliated as soon as the army rescue failure miserably.Eight hostages were killed throughout the attempt.Some hostages were rescued, yet some continued to be in Iran.
To encourage financial growth, president Carter proposedincreasing the number of government jobs.challenging the oil embargo.increasing federal government spending to aid create jobs.lowering the price of day-to-day goods.
What to be the effect of Carter"s do the efforts to cost-free the hostages in Iran?The hostages were went back to the United says immediately.The united States raised its purchase of Iranian oil.All that Carter"s make the efforts failed.The Sandinistas were overthrown.
Which that the complying with was true of the US economic situation in the 1970s?Prices because that goods and services continued to be the same, but the dissension bought much less than it formerly had.Many Americans were employed, and their wages increased substantially over previous years.Many human being made less money, yet the dollar bought more goods and also services than it previously had.Prices for goods and services were increasing, and also the dissension bought less than it formerly had.
D. Prices because that goods and also services were increasing, and the dollar bought much less than it previously had.
Between which two countries did Carter want to develop peace?Nicaragua and also Panamathe Soviet Union and also IranIsrael and Egyptthe joined States and Afghanistan
In the US economic situation of the 1970s,slightly increasing economic growth do prices walk down.steadily decreasing financial growth made prices go down.fewer jobs and also lower wages gave Americans fewer resources.fewer however better-paying jobs gave Americans much more resources.
What was the result of Carter"s conference at Camp David in 1978?Egypt and also Israel saw war.Egypt and also Israel signed a peace treaty.Egypt and Israel developed no brand-new agreement.Egypt and also Israel"s partnership stayed the same.
President Carter"s economic stimulation plansimproved financial growth.did not improve financial growth.were extensively successful.were not implemented.

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Which that the following was a result of the Iran hostage crisis?The hostages were never ever returned, also after Carter left office.Carter winner his reelection project in 1980.The hostages were freed in 1981 ~ Reagan"s inauguration.Carter improved diplomatic relations with Iran.
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