Unlike various other social media platforms, Snapchat has employed a new way of interaction through photos rather 보다 words.

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Emojis serve as Snapchat’s fun and also quick devices for interfacing through their individuals while providing them information about others.

However, that not always easy to know the an interpretation behind every emoji you check out on Snapchat, and also the gold stars are among them.

Read on to discover out around the hidden definition behind the Snapchat stars and other emojis you might see in there.

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What carry out The Stars ~ above Snapchat Mean?


If only there were one kind of star that Snapchat used, your task of comprehending castle would end up being much more manageable.

There room four different stars you might see in different parts the Snapchat, and also each has actually its very own meaning:

1. The golden Star

The golden star