Origins the “Boy, Bye”Ever since I first listened come Beyonce’s killer struggle “Sorry”, i have come to be obsessed with among the unit volume she provides in the song- “Boy, Bye”. In fact, I’ve even adopted it as my summer 2017 motto. “Boy, Bye” is an updated version of the infamous line, “Bye Felicia”, i beg your pardon was derived from the 1995 movie “Friday” and also reemerged as an internet sensation and popular picture in 2014. Follow to a resource who uploaded on metropolitan Dictionary, the phrase is frequently used virtual as “a dismissive farewell.”

Queen Bey

Now, not much is written up about the clear an interpretation of “Bye, Bye”. In she hit song “Sorry“, Beyonce estimates the lyric:

Middle fingers up, put them hands highWave that in his face, call him, boy, byeTell him, boy, bye, boy, bye, center fingers upI ain’t reasoning ’bout you

So ns am walking to translate the heat in a similar fashion to “a dismissive farewell”. Speak so-long come something or someone the no much longer betters you together a person and costs her peace. I wanted to give some real-life instances of situations where using “Boy, Bye” is fully appropriate.

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Legit telling a Boy, BYERachel to be not having it with DeMario’s excuse because that why he had actually a girlfriend while still on the show.

The current bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, is not just beautiful, smart, and talented. But she is also an extremely wise when it involves putting her foot down and not acquiring played. I’m introduce to episodes 2&3 where we uncover that fuckboy contestant, DeMario Jackson had a girlfriend prior to the filming that the show and Rachel refuses come let him ago into the mansion after the lied. For an ext information ~ above that entirety fiasco, Betches walk a pretty an excellent job the summarizing that all.

The motto for tonight is: young Bye #TheBachelorette

— Rachel Lindsay (
TheRachLindsay) June 6, 2017

Proud of you, Rachel. Hopefully we can all learn something native Rachel’s no nonsense policy and say “Boy, Bye” to who or something the is undeserving of no longer of your time or energy… and also it transforms out Rachel’s intuition about him was correct. DeMario freshly made headlines for allegedly being one of the causing components leading to the cancellation that the upcoming season the Bachelor In Paradise. Dead on you, DeMario! #BOYBYE

Quitting A task That you Hate
Sometimes you just need to say “I quit”

As adults, having actually a project is quite common and necessary, uneven you space Paris Hilton. Obviously, having actually a job has actually its many perks: a paycheck $, a sense of identity, meeting new people, learning brand-new skills, and the structure of work-life balance. However, if you are working at a job where the cons begin to outweigh the perks, it might be time to think about leaving, or in other words, speak “Boy Bye”. From experience, I recognize the difference between being shed out at work vs. Being in a toxic work-related environment. If you think you’re in a toxic work-related environment, I suggest finding one escape plan ASAP.

Now, most of the time, it is finest to have a backup setup before quitting a project you hate, like an additional job market or planning to attend grad school in the close to future. I newly quit a project where I had been dissatisfied for over 6 months. This job literally turn me, a sweet optimistic human into a spiteful pessimist over a span of 18 months. One let-down after an additional let-down, ns was left feeling super under-appreciated, which really took a large toll on mine self-esteem and self-worth. I might no longer see the great in any type of situation.

Anything that expenses your peace is as well expensive.

As quickly as ns quit, i felt together a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I started to see clearly again and also have began to adopt a much more positive outlook top top life. Although ns do miss out on some that my previous co-workers, I perform not remorse saying “Boy, Bye” to mine old job.

I ain’t sorry

Thank you, Queen punishment for providing me a motto the I deserve to use for any situation the doesn’t better me in any way.

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“Don’t settle: Don’t finish crappy books. If girlfriend don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re no on the right path, get off it.” -Chris Brogan

Whether it’s a cheating, lied f***boy, a shitty job, a one-sided friendship, a bad texter, etc….you have the capacity to say young BYE.





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