Maybe you’re scrolling through a Facebook group and you witnessed it in the comment area of a short article.

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Or probably you observed it in the Facebook marketlocation.

If you did, you could be wondering what the term means, and why perform human being comment it.

You can be additionally wondering why the comment section of some short articles contain the term, “Bump” but others execute not.

In this article, you’ll learn the meaning of bump on Facebook, how to use it, and also even more.

By the finish of the short article, you need to be able to understand exactly how to utilize the term for your very own.

What Does Bump Typical on Facebook?


Story bumping is a term obtained from the algorithm update on August 7th, 2013.

Story bumping is the change in Facebook’s algorithm upday that permits older posts to be moved to the optimal of your News Feed based upon several determinants (e.g. just how likely you’re going to communicate with it).

Stories = Facebook Posts

In Facebook, stories = short articles.

Facebook has actually a ton of stories (e.g. photos, videos) on a daily basis.

If you have actually most friends or follow most groups, there’ll be many stories on your news feed everyday.

Due to this, you can miss many articles on your news feed bereason you might not have enough time to watch them all.

In the August 7th update, Facebook has revamped the News Feed’s algorithm.

According to their information, users just view 57% of stories in their news feed.

This suggests that they didn’t scroll much enough to view the various other 43%.

Prior to rolling out the algorithm upday, Facebook did a test and uncovered out that it raised engagement rates by 5% from friends and also 8% from pperiods.

With the upday, stories will certainly be immediately “bumped” by Facebook depending upon various components such as its engagement and also your interactions.

This is comparable to how Instagram’s feed works in the existing where the short articles that you’re most likely to interact via are presented first.

Thus, older short articles from others deserve to now be moved at the height of your feed also if the original poster didn’t make any type of alters.

How to use bump on Facebook


However, this doesn’t work for regular news feeds.

This is bereason your regular news feed is ranked algorithmically by Facebook.

In enhancement, tright here is no method to type your news feed unprefer posts in a Facebook group.

This is equivalent to Instagram’s feed wright here your feed isn’t sorted chronologically, yet based on numerous factors (e.g. engagement).

So, if you want to rank your write-ups greater in someone’s feed, you should make sure that the article gets a lot of engagement within a brief period of time.

On the other hand, in a Facebook group, you have the right to type short articles either by height short articles, new activity, or recent posts.

When you type articles as “New activity” the posts that have actually new comments will certainly be shown at the optimal of your feed.

In other words, if you were to comment somepoint on a post, it’ll relocate to the peak of the “New activity” feed.

However before, carry out note that it won’t be moved at the height of the “Top posts” or the “Recent posts” feed—those are two various categories.

Most human being kind their feed by “New activity”, so you don’t have to concern also a lot around not gaining any type of engagement.

Hence, if you want to move your post to the height of a Facebook group, you have the right to comment “bump” on it.

How perform I bump my short article on the Facebook marketplace?


Bumping your post on the Facebook marketarea is different than bumping a short article in a Facebook team.

If you want to bump your article in a Facebook team, you simply need to discuss it.

That will move your post at the top of the “New activity” feed.

However before, if you desire to bump your post on the Facebook marketlocation, you have to renew it in order to move it at the peak of the list.

Tap on “Your Items”.Select the listing that you want to rebrand-new.Tap on “Manage”.On the menu, tap on “Renew in Marketplace” to rebrand-new your listing.

Renewing your listing essentially acts as a bump that moves your item at the peak of the list.

So if you have actually recently adjusted the price of the item or you desire to bump it, you can rebrand-new it.

Do note that you have the right to just rebrand-new your listing as much as 5 times.


If you desire to acquire more engagement (e.g. comments) on a certain article in a Facebook team, bumping it is important.

It tells human being that your post is still active and that you’re proactively seeking for something, either an answer or even more engagement.

Otherwise, your articles will certainly be hidden in various other people’s feeds if the team that you’re in is exceptionally active.

For Facebook write-ups, you deserve to simply comment “Bump” to move the short article at the height of the “New activity” feed.

On the various other hand, if you want to move your listing to the optimal of the marketplace, you must renew it instead.

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