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Sax & background chorus & instrumental)What does it take(What does it take)To win your love for me?(To win your love for me)How deserve to I make(How deserve to I make)This dream come true for me?(Had a dream for you)Whoa, I just got to know(Have to know)Ooo, baby "reason I love you so"Gonna blow for you"(sax & crucial & background chorus)I tried, I tried, I tried, I triedIn eextremely method I could(Anymeans I could)To make you see just how a lot I love you(See how a lot I love you)Woo!I believed you understood(Thought you understood)So, you gotta make me see(Make me see)What does it takeTo win your love for me?"Gonna blow, aacquire for you"(sax & important & background chorus to end)~
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