Green means that they are online and also yellow method that they room an upgraded member (ie have paid for an update so they gain a few extras-these will be comprehensive in the site blurb.) Hth.

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green doesn"t mean online. I have a file that"s been surprise for ages but if I search for that by username there is no logging in, it"s acquired a environment-friendly dot beside it. I haven"t logged in for number of months. Not sure what the green dot method but it absolutely doesn"t average online.

Hmm that"s strange INever, the only eco-friendly dot I"ve seen appears next come the surname of posters online on the get mailbox page-people the you have actually been contacted by.Wonder what it method then?

Hello - have the right to someone define the satisfy Me function? and also on the app, the civilization whose picture come up - carry out they desire to meet me or have actually they just viewed my profile? lastly - because that now! - if i click perhaps on someone"s photo what happens?It was far much easier when you simply threw your keys into a key

Thanks x

ns know, I thought it was weird too. I"m seeing this guy that ns met on there and I looked up his profile but by googling his username and also following the link to pof, there is no logging in, to see if he"d update his profile or anything since we"d agreed to hide profiles. And also he had actually a eco-friendly dot, so i was immediately suspicious!! yet then i googled my ex"s username and his had one too, and I thought little of a coincidence but maybe he"s virtual as well, so then googled mine and green period there too. And also I definitely haven"t been virtual in months. Just tried it again now and every username I shot has the environment-friendly dot. So i don"t understand what the means, yet it can"t typical that.

Autumn, on the site you can"t watch who wants to meet you without upgrading, however on the app you can see them and also they will have actually pressed "yes" come the meet me function {when they have seen her photo.)Hope that renders sense!If you click someone"s picture you have the right to then access their complete profile and they deserve to see you have actually viewed them uneven you choose out once you first joined.

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Sorry - one an ext question if anyone mental answering!On my alerts it claims xxx wants to affix - what does the meanThanks again x

hi Autumn, i don"t use the alerts so not sure around that..however you can always look in ~ them and then see if castle have included you come favourites.Then, if you prefer the look of castle you could just send lock a quick message and see what happens.Sometimes you need to be proactive ~ above Pof! great luck!

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