The Samsung washing machine starts the washing cycle as usual. But when it pertains to spinning, it worries the UE error. It indicates that you have actually overloaded the drum or, conversely, put a couple of items.

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To understand also how to remove it, you need to recognize all the factors for the code appearance.


The code appears on the Samsung washing machines’ screen in case of the drum imbalance. The E4 code is equivalent to it. This one is typical for the washers up to the 2007 year of production.

Normally, the washer screens the error on the 3rd, seventh or 9th minute of the spin. But the washing machine deserve to concern the fault anytime after the spinning process starts.


When the code shows up on screen, the factor is the following:

Drum overloading;Too little laundry;Washing items from different fabrics, which have various weights after obtaining wet. It leads to an too much pack on the drum in the time of spinning;Adding also tiny and at the very same time as well big garments. It leads to a solid twisting of the laundry and causes the drum imbalance;One-time faientice in the manage module;Placement of Samsung’s washer on an unalso surchallenge.

How to fix the problem

What to execute if the screen mirrors the error? Do the following:

If there is the laundry imbalance, open up the washing machine door and also manually put the items evenly.In the case of drum overloading, remove some items and also put it back on aobtain.When the drum is underloaded through laundry, perform the next trick. Moisten a couple of towels with water and also squeeze out a small. Then, open up the washer’s door and put wet towels in the drum. After this, restart the spinning of the laundry.In the occasion of a short-lived malfeature in the manage module, turn off the machine and also rerelocate the cord from the outlet. Wait a couple of minutes, and also then rebegin the washing machine.In the situation of washing machine tilting, level it in a horizontal position. Hence, the laundry will be distributed evenly.

How to remove the fault codes if the door is locked?

So, it may be essential to drainpipe water with a distinct filter, situated at the bottom of the washing machine.

If the over techniques don’t help, and after the test run the washer aget shows the error, then tbelow is a severe faitempt. You have to speak to a specialist that knows just how to correct the case.

When to speak to a specialist for repair

Resetting the error from the Samsung machine display screen calls for a specialist if:

Tright here is the fault on the scoreboard, and also the drum doesn’t spin or rotates only one method. Tright here is the regulate card malattribute. Perhaps, the relay on the board or the manage module processor have actually failed. To deal with the difficulty, replace the board.The drum of the washing machine doesn’t revolve, and also the washing machine issues the UE code after beginning. It signals that the drive belt has torn or stretched. Rearea the aspect.During spin gaining, the washing machine provides loud sounds but doesn’t spin laundry. Perhaps the bearing has broke down or the sealing of the stuffing box is broken. Change these aspects to brand-new ones.The washing machine reports an error when washing, rinsing or spinning. The factor is the tacho sensor breakdown, which calls for replacement.A user deserve to conveniently scroll the drum. But at the very same time, the appliance doesn’t spin on the schosen regimen. It indicates the wear of the engine brushes. Relocation them.

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After finding out the reason for the code appearance, it is much easier to rerelocate the fault and also settle the job-related of the gadget. But for this, it is frequently important to invite a specialist that will remove the malfunction.