Pokémon X & Y Cancelled Sequels Revealed In recent Nintendo Leak The Nintendo gigaleak proceeds to gush, and also the source code because that the 3DS Pokémon games reveals cancelled sequels that were planned for X & Y.

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Pokemon X and also Y Sequel Zygarde Leak
In the many recent Nintendo leak, the plans for cancelled sequels to Pokémon X and Y have been unearthed. The 6th generation of Pokémon is among the an ext divisive periods to numerous series fans, and this is in component due to Kalos never receiving a sequel or third "Z" version video game like the various other generations, however that may have not been game Freak"s or Nintendo"s initial plan.

Pokémon X and Y were the an initial 3D handheld Pokémon games to it is in released for the main series. Gift on the incredibly successful 3DS, the gamings sold extremely well. This financial success continues with Sword and Shield, reflecting that Pokémon is a hotter item than ever before before. Gen VI introduced the immensely an effective Mega Evolutions that offered some old Pokémon new life and also made renowned ones even more powerful, though X and Y were also criticized for having a absence of postgame content. This was specifically jarring considering the video game that came prior to this to be Pokémon black color & White 2, sequel gamings that to be packed through content. This also wasn"t aided by a lack of a 3rd game favor Pokémon Platinum for Kalos, which has made Gen VI more contentious in the eye of many.

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Now, seven years after X and Y"s Nintendo 3DS release, it"s to be revealed the it may have actually been initially planned to develop an additional game (or two) that would take place in Kalos. Twitter user Lewtwo report on a brand-new leak comes from 4chan, showing photo of the games" password that contains a title referred to as "calos_reserve" in in between Gens VI and also VII. This mirrors that, at part point, there to be plans to make one more game set in the Kalos region, yet it was reportedly scrapped because that an unknown reason. Amongst other things, the recent leak likewise contains beta maps and also a character design resembling original Pokémon protagonist Red with an obviously significant amount of development time put into it, come the allude where modders easily reconstructed the in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Holy shit.- over there were bookings in location for a 2nd pair of games to it is in based in Kalos. If this is any kind of confirmation that a "Pokemon Z" or "X2/Y2" to be happening at some point, climate this is it.Unbelievable. Pic.twitter.com/HlPxvb4C6F

— Lewtwo (
Lewchube) October 17, 2020

Running in ORAS! https://t.co/FfRv1ZEarR

— Lewtwo (
Lewchube) October 18, 2020

This year has seen a range of Nintendo leaks, with many prototype assets and ideas gift uncovered because that Pokémon games, in particular. The resource code for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl leaked this summer, uncovering beta sprites because that a variety of gen 4 Pokémon. A cancelled Pokémon MMO for the game Boy advance was also unearthed. The main actor of franchise leaks it seems to be ~ to show no sign of stopping, with more tidbits being revealed and mysteries being solved as the ill-gotten goods keep popping up online.

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The instance of Pokémon X and Y has actually been a curious one. Fans found it strange the Zygarde, the 3rd member in the trio that mascot legendaries for X & Y, didn"t get its very own game, instead promoted in Sun and Moon with a scavenger hunt to acquire its finish form. With the item of resource code currently revealed, it"s more than feasible that Zygarde could have had its own third Kalos entry that just never pertained to be. Why this plans were abandoned room unknown, but it"s a dead to recognize that Gen vi didn"t gain the 2nd pass it desperately needed. If a sequel or sequels to Pokémon X & Y had involved fruition, the Kalos era might have actually left a larger impact in players" memories.