A blog developed when my now ex-husband abandoned our marriage, cut me off and I had no various other option however to look for him ~ above the gay dating application Grindr.


Based ~ above my own experiences as well as topics i see customers are looking for when coming across my blog I decided to start an unofficialize FAQ for Grindr. Ns hope it"s useful to part people.

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How carry out I remain safe as soon as on Grindr?It comes under to this: a level of shared trust. You need to trust the human being you are meeting and the other means round. Still, there are things you can do to defend yourself.See my height Tips for remaining Safe here!
ns can"t accessibility Grindr and also get an error message "Please examine your connection settings and try again"
First, check:1) space you in reality online and connected come the internet?2) room you making use of the latest variation of the app? If not, update it might help. Updating come the newest version seems to fix most issues!The factor you acquire this error blog post is since there has actually been one error in communication in between your Grindr app, and also their servers. Occasionally it seems to be resulted in by the Internet link you room on prevent Grindr, and sometimes it"s a technical problem with the Grindr servers. Lock seem to have had lots of issues with this lately and have thrust out countless updates. Their latest version seems to be an excellent on my Android phone. Simple test if your web provider is blocking:If you are on data readjust to an open up wifi, if top top wifi adjust to data. Then open Grindr and also pull down to refreshing the cascade/grid. If that works - no error article - climate switch earlier your connection and shot again. If you then acquire an error post it means your provider is blocking the Grindr app.Note: One variation I had seemed to have an problem where I acquired an error message - i then turned off wifi and also went on data - refreshed grid - climate went back to wifi and also it worked. This an insect seems come now have actually been fixed.
You can inspect for new versions that theGrindr app by walk to your profile --> Settings, then tap "Check for updates"
Usually once you acquire this blog post it"s due to the fact that your cell/mobile provider block the connection from the Grindr application on your phone come the Grindr servers. Grindr is usually classed as an "adult" service/site and also is as such often clogged by default. Since Grindr is so famed it is usually contained in the "adult filter" of a provider. While friend may find other apps prefer Romeo, Hornet etc still work since they are much less common and not in the companies adults only list. You have the right to often call your provider to gain them come remove/lift the block for adult website from your phone. Some providers even enable you to revolve off the adult contents filter yourself from their self-service website.It may additionally be that you space using one old version of the Grindr app. Older versions had a many of issues connecting to the Grindr servers; most of which now seem to be fixed. Therefore, try updating to the really newest version. In the lift the application connects come multiple endpoints on various ports (seereverse engineered API here). Service providers will block in different ways, some might block all web traffic to *.grindr.com and others may permit *.grindr.com yet disallow *.grindr.mobi which is supplied by the app only.What happens once you block who on Grindr?

The chat and chat history in your inbox disappears for you and also the blocked userThe blocked user disappears in the grid for you and the clogged userYou deserve to no longer contact or view the blocked userThe clogged user disappears from her favorites (if you had made them a favorite)
The clogged user becomes visible again and also the blocked user will view your profile in the grid (it bring away a few minutes until the user reflects up again in the grid)The chat history is lost.Any chats you had with the clogged user are deleted as soon as you block them and not recovered as soon as you unblock.
What happens if someone blocks me?

You will certainly no much longer see the users profile in the grid
The conversation disappears from her inbox
If you room messaging from her inbox and also the user blocks you, friend will get an error article saying the profile is no available
The only indication that you have been blocked is the the customers profile is no much longer visible/accessible from your profile, and if you go into your inbox girlfriend will also see the the chat through that user has now disappeared
does deleting the Grindr app also take me off it?No! just deleting the application on her phone will not remove your profile from Grindr. Her profile is stored in the Grindr systems and not on her phone. You have to remove your profile native the Grindr app. To eliminate your profile watch here. Deserve to you usage Grindr offline?No - you have to have a live link to the web to use Grindr.What does it median when it claims a user is "offline"?This means the user has actually not opened/used the application for the previous 12 hours. I lost all my chats ~ above Grindr. Why?You probably deleted the app from her phone. This will delete her chat history. To store your conversation history, set your Grindr come periodically ago up her chats to the cloud. Then, once you re-install the application you can acquire all your chats earlier from the cloud backup. Execute I have to be 18 to usage Grindr?Yes. If you space under 18 your profile will likely be turned off pretty quickly. This is to protect both you, and also other users. A male lied around his period on the app and he to be under 18. What perform I do?You can report him with the app. His profile will certainly then it is in deactivated and also the email address associated with the account banned. Before you report - and also maybe additionally block that - you need to think about what you said to him and also if you sent nudes of yourself. In some nations sending a naked to who under 18 is not legal, also though being happy is. My advice: 1) Delete any photos indigenous him2) If he explicitly said he to be 18 as soon as you asked, screenshot that component of the conversation and also keep safe3) If he approached you rather than the other means round, display shot that component as well4) display shot his profile, stating the is 18 In some countries you could carry on with the conversation with someone who is under 18 however you room entering a legal minefield and also it"s at your own peril. The dominion of thumb is that as lengthy as they room over the age of consent in her country and also homosexuality is legal girlfriend are probably alright as much as the legislation is concerned. However, there are an ext things to take into consideration - for instance he could at any suggest in time "expose" friend or threaten to walk public or call your family members or employer. Not a nice place to be in. Additionally if you room in a position of authority such together a teacher, politician, high profile businessman - you might still acquire into legal trouble because in plenty of countries abusing your place of trust/authority v someone under 18 would certainly still it is in a criminal offense. I found my husband/partner/boyfriend is top top Grindr - what do I do?Ouch. Opinions differ on this one. Should you simply keep quiet and observe, or face him? You need to ask yourself this question: Why is the on over there in the first place? perhaps it is finest to face him. Or simply observe for a while? do a fake profile, conversation him up and see what that says? The choices are many and I don"t think there is a best answer.There could be a variety of reasons for someone to usage Grindr and also they might not always be what friend think. Because that example, over there are men who are purely trying to find transgender women and are "not interested in guys". Climate there space "men who have sex through men"; men who space curious about having sex with another man but do no seem themselves together gay - and also some are plainly not yet enjoy the pure raw sexual relations in between two men but do not have any romantic relations or feelings. Therefore, the is easy to jump to conclusions. The just conclusion you deserve to make is the he is seeking something different from what he gets from you.Dr Joe Korthas terrific TikTok web page on men who have actually Sex v Men. Leave a comment below to to speak what you think is best to perform in this situation! Also: If your boyfriend/partner/husband is ~ above Grindr it"s most likely he has had actually sex with various other people. You don"t recognize if castle had protected sex or not. For your very own sake, gain yourself tested. Now.

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Is Grindr popular everywhere?Actually, no. In some nations you will find there are hardly any users in ~ all. To check, usage the "Explore" duty to check out guys in other areas and also countries. Note discover may present no users as soon as in truth there space many. Example: carry out an check out search because that Kigali, Rwanda - no users found. Then usage fake gps and set your fake ar to Kigali - and also presto you will see countless users. So, explore search is not constantly a reputable indicator. Deserve to you fake your location on Grindr?On Android, yes. The is virtually impossible to do on iOS (iPhone) but an extremely easy ~ above Android. It is uncertain if Grindr have actually some type of system that automatically catches world who do. If you want to explore guys much away indigenous you, insanity the explore "rocket" icon top right. Grindr display screens users in a net or "cascade", withthe closest come you on the top left. Also if you do notshow your street to other users its still pretty easyto number out exactly how close a user is through looking in ~ the usersnext to them in the grid. It is in careful. Have the right to someone discover out where I am if i am ~ above Grindr?Not precisely but they can obtain pretty close. They may be able to narrow under your ar to a little "quadrant" on the map and also it"s surprisingly easy to do. For example, that you are likely to be inside a large mall. Grindr has actually been criticized for no doing sufficient to hide user locations. You deserve to turn off showing your street to other users - walk to Settings and select "Show mine Distance".How much of my personal information is common with others?On the app its as much as you exactly how much to share with other users. Mine advice:- do not share her HIV status- perform not connect to Twitter or Instagram (especially if those display your actual name!)- turn off "Show me in check out searches" and also "Show mine distance". What walk the environment-friendly dot alongside the user mean?It just signifies the the user is online and active. Keep in mind that users may still it is in on your phone, and receive a an alert when friend send a message. When they have not been energetic on the application for a while they will certainly drop off the grid.Can you view if someone has actually read my message?Not uneven you pay because that a subscription to Xtra or Unlimited.Can I see who clogged me?Nope. Sorry. There is no way.