This song, initially written and also performed through Nine customs Nails, is of questioned meaning: is it about self harm, doing heroin, or both? one of two people way, no issue if that reflects… read More 

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I pains myself todayTo view if ns still feelI emphasis on the painThe just thing that's realThe needle tears a holeThe old familiar stingTry to kill it every awayBut i remember everythingWhat have I becomeMy sweet friend?Everyone ns knowGoes away in the endAnd you could have it allMy empire of dirtI will let friend downI will make friend hurtI undertake this crown that thornsUpon my liar's chairFull of broken thoughtsI cannot repairBeneath the stains the timeThe feel disappearYou room someone elseI to be still best here
What have actually I becomeMy sweet friend?Everyone i knowGoes far in the endAnd you can have it allMy realm of dirtI will let you downI will make you hurtIf I might start againA million miles awayI would keep myselfI would uncover a way
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This song, originally written and also performed by Nine customs Nails, is of disputed meaning: is it about self harm, act heroin, or both? either way, no matter if it shows Cash’s seeks issues, or suicidal thoughts, it’s among Cash’s classics. Johnny chose to change just one line, maybe reflecting his Christian faith.

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The tune was encourage to Cash by legend producer, stack Rubin, who produced Johnny Cash’s American collection (and released them top top his label American Recordings). When Trent Reznor to be asked if the song can be covered he claimed he was:

flattered the idea sound a bit gimmicky.

However, after watching the video:

Wow. Tears welling, silence, goose-bumps… Wow. I just lost mine girlfriend, since that track isn’t mine anymore… It yes, really made me think about how an effective music is as a medium and also art form. I created some words and also music in my bedroom as a method of remaining sane, around a bleak and desperate location I to be in, totally isolated and also alone. that winds up reinterpreted by a music legend from a radically various era/genre and also still retains sincerity and definition — different, yet every little as pure.

The tune was released together a single in march 2003, along with “Personal Jesus,” a Depeche setting cover. It was the last solitary released by Cash prior to his death in September 2003. Cash saw it struggle #33 top top the Billboard “Alternative Songs” chart, and #56 on its Hot country Charts, 48 years after his Cry! Cry! Cry! first hit the US country chart.

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The music video becomes even more harrowing once one realises that June Carter Cash, Johnny’s wife, passed away only three months after it to be made, and that the home it to be filmed in (the Cash residence because that 30 years) later burned down.