Now that the Skywalker Saga is officially over, it"s time because that Star battles fans to face an uncomfortable truth: Chewbacca will never get his due.

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Sure, he gained a Yavin medal best at the finish of The increase of Skywalker. Even better, it come from Maz Kanata, the just being in the latest trilogy to imply that Chewie has a life exterior of reaction to things human being say and also serving as a punchline.

Let"s be real, though. That medal is the Star Wars indistinguishable of a joining trophy. It to be an insider nod to fans who have moaned because that years about Chewie being left out when Han and also Luke received their honors for blowing up the very first Death Star. The bauble that Maz forks over to Chewie is somehow supposed to comprise for much more than 40 years of unjust treatment.

I think the posesthe not, Star Wars.

Let"s take it back to the original Trilogy. Chewie confronted plenty of disrespect even in simply the very first movie, in between the medal snub and also Leia"s memorable grumble around getting "this large walking carpet" the end of her way. However look closer.

Do we come out of Return of the Jedi understanding anything meaningful around Chewie"s story ~ three whole movies? the plays a mean video game of Dejarik (Star battles holochess, essentially), by which I typical he"s susceptible to violence when he loses (or therefore Han Solo says). He"s likewise perpetually Han"s scapegoat anytime the Millennium Falcon breaks. He even takes a constant stream the shit indigenous C-3PO when he"s carting the damaged droid around on his back.

Yes, Chewie ranks somewhere listed below droids in the Star battles social disseminate order. And we"ve all seen just how horrible the is because that droids in a galaxy far, much away.


Han Solo was never Chewbacca's friend. He was simply a loud and also obnoxious boss.Credit: Lucasfilm / Fox / Kobal / Shutterstock

Across the whole Original Trilogy, we never ever once avoid to take into consideration Chewbacca as a multi-dimensional character. No one ever before asks him around his family or where he came from prior to his time top top the Falcon. Nobody speaks come him in his very own language. Our entire sense of that he is is shaped by his relationship to Han.

We get the barest that glimpses right into Chewie"s inside self once he mournfully yowls ~ the Rebels lock Hoth"s Echo Base because that the night before Han returns through Luke in empire Strikes Back. But that"s that – and also let"s be real, he"s crying for a male who openly mistreats him. Stockholm Syndrome, thy name is Chewbacca.

It gets worse in the new trilogy. Finn treats him choose trash in The force Awakens virtually immediately after lock meet. When Chewie it s okay shot and also Finn"s see to the wound, the easy to understand distraught Wookiee is gift a difficult patient. Instead of trying to speak to him calmly, intelligent being to intelligent being, Finn crude shouts, "I need help with this giant, hairy thing!"

If a doctor pulled that through me, I'd deck him.

If a doctor pulled that shit v me, I"d deck him using my uninjured arm.

Let"s likewise not forget just how The force Awakens finished with Ben Solo/Kylo Ren simply straight-up murdering Han when Chewie watched native a distance. The anguish at watching his old "friend" dice was too much, and also Chewie"s pained yowl alerted Kylo and also brought an initial Order pressures down on ours heroes.

That"s really messed up! Chewie to be so affected by the fatality of Han, who as we"ve created treated him choose crap, that all think of a stealthy escape flew out of his head. The lengthy con the Han ran top top Chewie"s love is terrible once girlfriend really begin to choose it apart.

Then in The last Jedi, Chewie is framed as an animalistic monster once he eats one of the lover bird-like porg the inhabit Luke"s hideout earth of Ahch-To. It"s a moment that really gets come the heart of what makes Chewie so tough to reconcile as a character. Although that was presented as a co-pilot and also a fearsome warrior, again and again the Star wars movies go the end of their means to render him as an animal and also a pet.

There"s a reason John Candy"s Chewbacca riff in Spaceballs was half-man/half-dog. Though at the very least the Mel Brooks movie gave Barf some personality and also some agency in the story. Chewie just complies with the heroes around. He"s a heavy when he requirements to be but is mostly simply a wade reaction shot.

The worst injustice, though, come in The rise of Skywalker. Our an initial look in ~ Chewie is a throwback scene that references a moment from the first movie: Finn and also Poe room sitting side-by-side, play an intense video game of Dejarik. Think ago to that original scene: it"s over there to introduce Chewie as a fearsome figure, a gift who can "pull people"s arms out of their sockets" when he loses.


Chewbacca should've ditched Han and joined the agree Dejarik circuit.Credit: Lucasfilm / Fox / Kobal / Shutterstock

The increase of Skywalker"s take it on the same situation flips the script. Now, Finn and also Poe rag on Chewie for acquisition his time make a movie. They also openly suggest he"s a cheater. The once-fearsome Wookiee bring away it every in stride, probably due to the fact that he"s been putting up through this shit because that literally decades.

I hate this scene. It"s the narrative identical of a cat being declawed. It"s therefore openly dismissive the the personality we"ve concerned know as Chewbacca and also his place in the story, and also it sets a tone for the method the rest of the unfolding movie will certainly treat him. Ours beloved Wookiee is a second-class citizen, and the main cast makes that clear native the jump.

Then there"s the emotionally manipulative fatality scene, whereby Rey is led to think her own absence of control over the pressure led directly to Chewie"s demise. It"s difficult stuff due to the fact that we buy that death! Chewie has been therefore poorly offered by Star battles movies, why wouldn"t his death exist greatly to propel a an initial act plot point?

Of course, the whole thing is a fake-out. And also to Rey"s credit, she pushes to conserve Chewie – even though she has other factors for wanting to obtain on the ship. Clearly though, no one actively wants to watch Chewie shed forever. They have the bare minimum the appreciation for him, woo.

But there"s quiet one more injustice waiting for Chewie before The rise of Skywalker is over. That comes as soon as he it s okay the news that Leia is dead. Think about Chewie"s arc in the brand-new trilogy. In The force Awakens, his oldest "friend" died. It then happens again The last Jedi as soon as Luke Skywalker slips loosened this mortal coil.

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Leia"s death in the last movie is one too many for bad Chewie. The scene whereby he it s okay the news of her death is heartbreaking. That drops come his knees and also wails loudly sufficient to revolve heads. And yet, Chewie is alone. Nobody is there to comfort him or aid him endure this daunting moment.

We gain a firsthand look at at how isolated the is when, right before the final fight in Skywalker, it"s not an old friend who shakes Chewie the end of his morose state – even with Lando in the camp. Instead, it"s Lost"s Dominic Monaghan who snaps Chewie back to the present with a completely insincere "Come ~ above Chewie, we require you, buddy!"

Ugh. Brutal. The rise of Skywalker was never ever going to carry closure because that everyone. The story is too big, the actors is as well massive. Yet the serial mistreatment that Chewbacca is an countless bummer, and also a deep shameful oversight that will certainly haunt Star wars forever.