Author: iTzSTU4RT develop Riven v confidence through the help of"s construct guides. Even if it is you are totally new come Riven or looking come refine your playstyle, us will aid you take her Wild Rift video game to the next level. Find out Riven"s abilities in detail, the ideal items come build, which an abilities to level first, and also more. Riven is ranked Tier S (Solo Lane) in ours Champion Tier List

RivenThe Exile
Recommended RoleSolo roadway
Solo build Mid BuildS jungle BuildS

How to play Riven

Riven is a peak lane fighter. She walk ok in the at an early stage game and can carry out well in the laning phase many thanks to every her mobility native Broken Wings (1st Ability) and Valor (3rd Ability). When you obtain to level 5 and also have accessibility to Blade that the Exile (Ultimate), girlfriend can gain a lot more burst damage off and shot to death the enemies. Riven additionally has insane 1 vs 1 potential and also is an excellent if you can separation push in a next lane.

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Riven can also be played in the jungle and also mid lane, make certain to examine the alternative build at the optimal of the page!

With Riven jungle, the build and also playstyle room the same. The only difference is that you will need to make certain you readjust to the Smite summoner spell and also the runes are slightly different.With Riven midlane, the build and also playstyle are the same.

When Riven uses an ability, that charges she blade approximately 3 times. Attacks expend charges come deal extr physical damage.

The blade deserve to only be stacked up to 3 time so it"s vital to auto-attack in between using every one of your abilities to get the most potential indigenous the extra damage granted by the passive.

Riven slashes in a direction as much as 3 times. Each cut deals physical damage to adjacent enemies.

The third slash the cross terrain therefore you can jump end pretty lot every wall surface to one of two people escape or gain closer come the enemies. Also, that knocks up adjacent enemies for simply under a second.

Most of the time you desire to charge up your broken Wings twice so you can acquire a quick knock up right into a shock from Ki Burst.

Riven stuns nearby enemies for just under a second, handle physical damage. Ki Burst has actually a really small radius therefore it"s crucial to make sure that you room on top of opponents to insurance the stun hits.

Make certain to use Broken Wings (1st Ability) and Valor (2nd Ability) to help you with that. Ki Burst likewise has a yes, really fast actors time for this reason you can stun as shortly as you press the ability.

Riven dashes in a direction and also gains a shield soaking up damage for simply over a second. It"s crucial to note that v Valor friend cannot cross terrain like the 3rd attack that Broken Wings.

It"s essential to use this spell once you are about to take damages as the shield go not continue to be on Riven because that long. Friend can likewise use Valor to gain that extra distance to soil the knock up from broken Wings or stun from Ki Burst.

Riven increases her blade for 15 seconds, providing bonus strike damage, boosting the selection of she attacks and damaging abilities, and granting a solitary cast of Wind Slash.

Make certain you usage Blade the the Exile in ~ the start of every fight even if the turns right into a quick trade as the cooldown is reasonably low and also its necessary to gain that extra damage.

Wind slash launches a shockwave dealing physical damage based on the enemies" lacking health. This method that you have to make sure you use it in ~ the finish of the hit when adversaries are low on health as you will certainly deal more damage.

Riven offers a mixture of both damage and tank item that work-related well to assist with her damage and keep her lively for longer. Black Cleaver is a core item because that Riven. It provides her much needed health, strike damage and also most importantly ability haste so she have the right to use she abilities more often. Sterak"s Gage is a great example the a tank item that functions well v Riven. It offers her some health and when she gets low on health, she it s okay a shield to keep her lively longer.

For runes, we have the following:

Riven is a fighter therefore she desires to acquire in the enemies face and attack constantly. This way she can get the 5 stacks pretty rapid with she abilities, which way she deserve to deal much more damage.

With Riven friend will constantly find yourself acquiring takedowns i beg your pardon will enable you to get much more AD and vamp that can help with dealung much more damage and also staying in fights longer.

With Riven you will certainly be in a the majority of fights and also trading continuous in the laning phase. Bone Plating helps you take lessened damage and also win out trades against your opponents.

A great rune because that Riven if you acquire low in the laning phase and also need that extra little bit of heal and cost-free money.

For summoner spells, flash is a need to on many champions. It"s a an excellent spell to acquire out of a case or if you are trying to walk in for the killing blow. Because that the 2nd spell, it"s best to walk for Ignite. This help Riven try and take advantage of her early on game mobility to trade versus the enemy and get early on kills.

Early Game

Riven does reasonably well in the at an early stage game with all of her mobility. Make sure to auto-attack in in between using abilities to make the many out of she passive, Runic Blade. It"s ideal to pat passive in the at an early stage game unless you have a great opportunity to walk in if the opponent makes a mistake. When you get level 5, you can try and look because that an connect onto the enemy top lane when you have actually an chance to kill.

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Late Game

Once you gain to the so late game and Riven has her main point items, this is where you can become unstoppable. In ~ this phase of the game, the best thing you have the right to do is to team with the team and shot and gain a choose on the opponent carries. When a team hit happens, you want to make certain you space at the former protecting her team. Make certain you always go in the direction of the greatest threat top top the foe team and shot to take them down.


Overall Riven is together a funny champion come play and you have the right to make so countless cool outplays with all her mobility and high damages output. She is really solid right now and you should absolutely give her a try!

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Good happy on the rift summoners!

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