DesMephisto has recently leveled a new char indigenous 10-50 with Warlords of Draenor after ~ the nerfs to leveling speed, and also we have actually the results.

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Even despite WoD bonus missions were newly nerfed on the Beta/PTR to provide less Experience, leveling indigenous 10-50 in the WoD expansion is still viable and took practically 6 hrs after the nerfs come bonus objectives, according to DesMephisto.


Bonus missions are reportedly no much longer worth it, and questing is the way to go when you decide for Warlords of Draenor.

Here"s likewise a VoD if you"d prefer to view him level up the character from 10-50.

Source: r/wow


Even through the nerfs that really isn"t too disastrous from 10-50. Still waiting on any type of updated overview for 50-60 for SL since the Beta has actually been somewhat buggy once I make the efforts to run a copy character again after the Beta wipe.

The basic thought was sticking through the main story v Bastion. Then as soon as entering Maldraxus repeat but add a few dungeons in to accomplish the requirement to development to Ardenweald. Native there include a few side searches to meet the needs to go and also venture into Revandreth. Yet as stated most npc quest givers have tendency to bug out or merely disappear or better yet phase the end due to an occasion or people Quest spawning in the Beta. So plainly don"t have specific time or a thorough map arrangement to with the brand-new level cap.


lvling 10-50 in any type of xpac is an excellent but due to the fact that SL is not coming till at earliest mid/late Nov you will certainly still have to do BFA (for far better gear) due to the fact that its quiet the critical xpac so im a simply do the one

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Pointless to have leveling i wow retail if it just takes 6 hours. Just eliminate levels in sleeve so we have the right to go level and have fun in another game prefer wow classic


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