l> Potential and also Kinetic power

POTENTIAL and also KINETIC power

Remember Newton"s Three laws What is Energy? power comes in countless forms, kinetic, potential (stored), heat,etc. Power is always conserved. It is not created or destroyedbut is simply transformed indigenous one type to another. Newton"s lawsrelate to energy as energy = force * street Similarly,a force can be defined as the time rate of readjust of momentum ofan object (see below).In every work life a lot of of energy is dissipated as warm due tofriction. Let"s perform the experiment v friction turned on:Notice that the smallest force can barely move the mass and thatit can"t move the pyramid in ~ all. This is since its pressure isinsufficient to conquer the friction forces in between the pyramid and also the ground.In this simulation, even when the bigforce pushes the pyramid its motion rapidly damps out; many ofthe power is dissipated together heat.Frictional forces depend top top the totalforce i beg your pardon is directed perpendicular to the surface. The moreweight per unit area, the bigger the frictional force. here is a morecomplete summary of friction. Kinetic and Potential Energy:Throwing a ball right into the air to represent a case in i beg your pardon the totalenergy is fixed and there is a continous revolution from kineticenergy to potential energy. as soon as the ball is top top the floor there and also not relocating there isno potential energy or kinetic energy when the the sphere is tossed into the waiting it will reach a maximumheight which is figured out by just how much kinetic power it has (airresistance is necessary however) once the ball reaches the maximum height its velocity is 0 andall of the power in the device is potential power as the ball drops to the ground that potential energy is converted to kinetic power Kinetic energy = Energy connected with activity 1/2 fixed * Velocity * Velocity = 1/2mv2 momentum is massive * Velocity = mv conservation of momentum is a dominance of mechanics.your intution has currently told you about it. Take into consideration hitting a baseball.

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The bat, with some mv, makesimpulsive contact with a ball - mbat is higher thanmball and also since: (mv)bat = (mv)ball climate vball is greater thanvbat (provided the you struggle the ball and also not just air).Same rule holds in the situation of cannon recoil:
Potential power --> object has a place in a force ar Potential energy = fixed * grav. Acceleration * height PE = mgh g = gravitational acceleration of the earth due to the fact that F = ma and also since the earth exerts a continuous gravitational force on every objects the mass, m, then the manifest pressure is F = mg --> this is what weight is ! now look what Newton states we have the right to now do ahead Lecture following Lecture Course page