Does her Website Comply through Google’s Mobile- familiar 2021 Standard? (study discover “no” or “not sure” method you’re missing out on 52% of every traffic)

Yes, mobile website traffic is cultivation fast – it’s exploding.

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You’re probably reading this email on her iPhone or Android… aren’t you?

How much of your website"s traffic comes from laptops vs. IPhones vs. Androids, or various other mobile devices?

Estimates selection from 25% - 90%...

What space the real numbers, based upon actual data from genuine attorney websites, and also why is it critical for girlfriend to position your website to ensure friend don"t miss out on cell phone Traffic?

Instead the guesstimating, us took data from practically 100 attorney websites for the previous 4 months leading up to this particular day (so yes, the data’s current)

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Richard Jacobs

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Does her Website Comply with Google"s Mobile- familiar 2021 Standard? (study reveals "no" or "not sure" way you"re absent out top top 52% of every traffic)

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I’ve set up and also analyzed thousands of marketing experiments on scores of various attorneys’ websites.

What I’ve discovered is that, often, it’s the smallest and strangest details the make the difference between a client calling you and that same customer closing the browser tab and moving on come the next legislation firm in line.


Because — more often than no — once a potential customer makes the decision to engage with your website, learn around you, uncover out how you can help them, and then call your office, that decision is EMOTIONAL.

In other words, it’s subconscious, made in ~ a gut level.

If wilhelm Shakespeare was a marketer, he’d tell you that, when it comes to attracting leader from the Internet, an elaborate is bred in the heart, not the head.

And, yes, this applies twin to her credentials.

You see, there room two type of proof. There’s logical, factual, “black and also white” truth — i.e., your law school, your accreditations, a simple statement of your practice area, number of cases fought, etc.

That ingredient helps. But it appeals come the head.

You can make those very same credentials many, plenty of times much more powerful by presenting them in a method that appeals to her potential client’s heart.

You want them to have a reaction that causes them to sit up straight in their chair, engaging with your firm’s website on one emotional, gut level.

You desire them to feel a physical sensation in their chest together they read.

You desire them come forget whereby they are and also what they’re doing. You desire them to forget about the four or 5 other lawyer websites they opened up in other browser tabs. You desire them picking up the phone and also calling you.

You desire them muttering under the breath:

“THIS! that is the guy. He’s the lawyer I should hire.”

It’s about super-charging her credentials.

And that’s specifically what my latest complimentary 7 means to boost Your regarded Status report is about. It shows you how you have the right to extract all her most an effective credentials from her track record, and how you have the right to “pimp” them up and pack castle with more punch 보다 Mike Tyson.

You might want to review through it. It’s 8 pages. Takes around 12 minutes.

Here’s where you can request a free copy:


around Richard Jacobs

My name is Richard Jacobs, and I’ve found quite a bit about the plight that solo practitioners and also small, 2-5 attorney firms choose yours these previous 12 years.

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I’ve pertained to understand the unique obstacles in marketing ethically and also effectively the attorneys face due to the fact that I have:

assisted over 180 attorneys author their very own practice area book and also become the ‘implied expert’ in their exercise area assisted hundreds of attorneys properly navigate Google’s find algorithm changes, farming their websites from 2 potential client calling a month come 4+ calls per DAY for part clients. Interviewed and supported over 507 attorneys nationwide, in practice areas such as: DUI / DWI household Law Criminal Defense Bankruptcy Auto crashes Social Security disability Slip & falls (Premises Liability) genuine Estate heritage Planning / Probate Wage and also Hour claims Expungements / article Conviction Relief

Before you decision to invest in her marketing, it provides sense to an initial request your complimentary, custom, no obligation video clip website review.

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Richard is the writer of 6 books published ~ above Amazon, Kindle and also

Richard is easily accessible for speak engagements on direct marketing because that attorneys and has recently spoken at the following legal conferences:

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