Texas City rapper Peso Peso will certainly headline a Waco present Saturday night at Mezcal"s sugar Shack.

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Peso Peso, listed

Waco’s rap and hip-hop scene will gain an out-of-town rise Saturday night as soon as Houston-area rapper Peso Peso drops in to headline an 8 p.m. Show at Mezcal’s sugar Shack, 1225 Richland Drive.

It is a possibility for the Texas City musician to increase his audience reach and for Waco hip-hop podcast Pirscription & Maryjane, which invited him, to pull in brand-new listeners together well, stated Waco rapper and promoter DJ Pirscription (Payton Bryce).

Peso Peso will cap an night featuring Rico Roger, Texas Joe, Chedda Blanco, Erasmo G and also Dobleuve. Waco graffiti artist Skcoobaveli will develop a mural onsite as part of the event.

Peso Peso (Mario Herrera Jr., 26) is finest known for his raps and also songs “Fasho,” “Uber” and also “Gummo Freestyle,” i beg your pardon have appreciated millions of see on YouTube, and also his 2019 album “Hardest Ese Eva.” he presently documents on The Sauce Familia label.

Waco artist Rico Roger will certainly shoot a music video with Peso Peso during his time in Waco. Bryce expects Peso Peso to draw a young and predominantly spain crowd and also said the is the very first of two remarkable Houston-area performers booked for Waco in the coming month.

Hip-hop musician Devin the Dude (Devin Copeland), a leader in the Houston rap and hip-hop scene in the 1990s and 2000s, will be performing top top Aug. 14 at Rocky’s Roadhouse, 926 S. Lacy Drive. Waco comic and entertainer terry Bluez will organize the show.




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