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If you planning on make a tasty vegan curry or row fry, possibilities are, you considering adding some p sprouts come the mix. Unfortunately, unless you currently have castle on hand, p sprouts have the right to be complicated to find.

No must worry, though – we’ve done the research study for you. In this post, we’ll display you where come buy bean sprouts, and which aisles girlfriend can discover them in in grocery store stores.

If friend don’t desire to make a pilgrimage to the store, you can likewise click the web links in the below table to order bean sprouts online.

Product Name

Good For

La Choy p Sprouts

If You desire Shelf Stable

Nature Jims Mung p Sprout Seeds

If You want to prosper Your Own

Where to Buy p Sprouts

1. Whole Foods

If you’ve got a totality Foods in her neighborhood, yes sir a chance they could lug some bean sprouts. Swing by their create section and you could find their Salad Cosmo essential Mung bean Sprouts.

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2. Publix

Another good option is your local Publix. It can have canned Geisha p Sprouts in 14.5-ounce servings.

3. Albertson’s

You may find a couple varieties of bean sprouts at your Albertson’s store. One alternative is prepackaged and fresh California Sprouts and also another option is canned La Choy sprouts.

4. Piggly Wiggly

There’s a possibility your Piggly Wiggly could carry sprouts, together well. If they do, they are most likely canned La Choy sprouts.

Wondering whereby you can get a host of part alfalfa sprouts? take a look at our guide on where to buy alfalfa sprouts.

5. New Market

Make a trip to your surrounding Fresh sector location if you have one. They have actually a few varieties that sprouts available, including Sunny Creek farm yard Mung bean Sprouts in 5-ounce packages.

6. Meijer

You might be able to find bean sprouts in ~ Meijer, too. Castle sometimes have canned save brand p sprouts in stock.

7. Walmart

When every else fails, an excellent old Walmart could be the perfect ar to check. Your neighborhood Walmart could have some La Choy canned p sprouts on hand.

8. Stop & Shop

If you’re not finding them anywhere else, girlfriend might have the ability to grab some bean sprouts in ~ your prevent & Shop. They often carry La Choy brand canned bean sprouts.

9. Amazon

Like many other stores, Amazon has actually a ton that canned goods to order, as well. You will do it likely discover La Choy canned p sprouts on your site.

10. Target

Target’s diverse an option includes bean sprouts. If your regional Target has actually them, lock are most likely canned La Choy bean sprouts.

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11. Eastern Markets

If your area has one, asian markets are a great place to prevent for every kinds the ingredients used in traditional asian cuisine. That course, that contains bean sprouts.

What Grocery store Aisle p Sprouts room In


Now that we’ve told you which shop to examine for p sprouts, that time to describe where you’ll uncover them in the store.

The ar of the bean sprouts might be different from keep to store and also depending ~ above the kind of p sprout. Because that example, fresh p sprouts are most likely to it is in in the produce section. You will do it probably discover them in clear plastic packages and on refrigerated shelves.

If the store in question has canned p sprouts, though, you can find them in a pair different aisles. Begin by spring in the canned items section. If her bean sprouts aren’t there, then they’re most likely in the international foods items aisle.

Wrap Up

Bean sprouts have the right to be surprisingly difficult to find these days. There are two key reasons because that this.

Because they wilt so fast, many grocery stores aren’t able to keep them stocked ~ above shelves. On top of that, sprouts room prone come bacteria, which renders them risky because that customers. This factors an unified make them much less than desirable for the mean store.

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However, through checking any type of of the shop in our guide, you’re likely to find some p sprouts to bring home. If friend don’t, girlfriend can constantly order castle online.