Increasing peasant poverty and also unrest, tyrannical nobles, weak emperors, and also the government’s failure to safeguard the state against foreign invaders led come the autumn of the Han dynasty.

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Which factor contributed to the autumn of the Han empire the autumn of the roman inn Empire and the fall of the Gupta empire?

Explanation: The fall of the empire and also therefore the dynasty were similar as a result of each toughened social unrest throughout their collapse. The autumn of Rome and also Han empire China were additionally comparable as a an outcome of they every round-faced roving invasions that greatly contributed to their decline.

How were the please of the roman Empire and the Han dynasty different?

The roman empire’s fall was various from the autumn of the Han empire because, unequal in Han China, the western half of Rome had a much harder and an ext drastic autumn than the eastern part of Rome, also known as the byzantine empire.

What were some of the many important components that contributed to the decline of the roman Han and Gupta empires?

The empire came to be too big and the cost of protecting its borders led to financial problems. 17. Epidemics and plagues led to a loss in populace which resulted in a loss in the arsenal of count 18. The government’s i can not qualify to pay because that the repair or roads and also canals brought about peasant revolts.

What brought about the rise and fall that the roman inn Empire?

Invasions by barbaric tribes The most straightforward concept for western Rome’s fallen pins the autumn on a cable of armed forces losses sustained against outside forces. Rome had tangled through Germanic people for centuries, but by the 300s “barbarian” groups like the Goths had encroached past the Empire’s borders.

How go the Chinese world decline?

The decrease and fall of the Mediterranean and also Chinese people was a result of population decrease, weak government, a frashill economy, and also invasion. A combination of these causes sparked the slow decline of this once good empires. Collecting taxes ended up being harder thus reasons the economic situation to decline.

What weakened the Greek empire?

Constant war divided the Greek city-states into shifting alliances; it to be also an extremely costly to every the citizens. Ultimately the Empire ended up being a dictatorship and the world were less associated in government. There was boosting tension and conflict between the ruling aristocracy and the poorer classes.

What forces caused communication and adjust that caused the please of classic empires?

Trade deficit. The high cost of military, welfare and government. Class economic warfare between rich and also poor. Unequal taxation.

Why go Christianity cause the autumn of Rome?

When Christianity came to be the state religion, the Church decreased the state resources by acquiring large pieces the land and keeping the earnings for itself. The culture had come support assorted members the the Church power structure like monks, nuns, and hermits. Thus, probably leading to the fall of the roman inn Empire.

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How walk Romans respond come Christianity?

Christians were periodically persecuted—formally punished—for their ideas during the very first two century CE. But the roman state’s main position was generally to ignore Christians uneven they clearly challenged royal authority.