When the function "f" is change by 3 systems left over the x-axis, translated role will be,

h(x) = f(x+3) =


When h(x) is shifted 4 systems down, translated function will be,

g(x) = h(x) - 4

g(x) =

g(x) has a y-intercept together (-4).

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From the offered graphs, Graph A reflects the y-intercept as (-4).

Therefore, Graph A will certainly be the answer.


The graph will be an exponential role that crosses the y-axis at about (0, -4).

Step-by-step explanation:


That method that once x = 0...





So, the graph will be one exponential function that crosses the y-axis at around (0, -4).

Hope this helps!

First simplify the equation,g(x)= 0.5x -1 As you can see, the highest possible exponent in the equation is 1. Discovering this, the graph that g(x) is a direct equation. Here is an image of what the graph would look like.Hope I aided :) 

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Which is the graph the g(x) = (0.5)x + 3 – 4? top top a name: coordinates plane, an exponential function decrease...
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