Being “customer-oriented” boils down to one idea: help people. As simplistic as it sounds, this ethos is the key to do it work-related as one organization.

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While there room many an abilities you require to aid customers effectively, there’s a an ext profound outlook that educates the daily actions of customer organization all-stars. The core characteristics that do a agency customer-oriented include up come the capability to satisfy the ultimate purpose of helping people, regardless of difficulties along the way.

In this post, we’ll discover the an essential concepts the a customer-oriented culture, give some examples of customer-oriented companies and also how lock function, and break down the measures of exactly how you can encourage a customer-oriented perspective within her team and company.

What walk it average to it is in customer-oriented?

Being customer-oriented is method in which, quite than resolving for the business’s needs, the firm solves the customer’s problems first.

Instead of concentrating on the many cost-effective, accessible, or speedy an approach of supporting a customer, customer-oriented teams and companies space so aligned v customer demands that their customer experience feels effortless and also incredible.

Many suppliers take a sales-oriented approach. Rather than focusing on the customers and their needs, these companies pick to perform what will certainly maximize their bottom line. This can look like a client success team choosing to focus on churn and also expansion metrics fairly than product adoption scores and also the stories they tell.

Other companies pick to emphasis on the product over focusing on your customers.

Practice saying this phrase out loud: Our company wouldn’t exist without our customers. Institutions that excel in customer orientation see their job as helping customers, not offering or servicing a product.

Customer-oriented businesses structure their entirety business about the customer. Therefore while it’s important that customer company teams know that your actions are main to the objective of the company, it drops to every team to bring out the vision.

Your totality company, not just your customer-facing folks, have to work to carry out the following:

Understand what her customers need.Know what matters to them.Consider customer impact at every turn.Listen to her customers.Give client what they consider valuable (rather than what your organization values).

When every action of your service is focused on your needs, her customers will feel it.


5 instances of client orientation

Now the you recognize what it way to be customer-oriented, how about seeing some providers that put it into practice? right here are five instances of client orientation and also how that plays out through big-name companies.

1. Apple

Apple preemptively understands client needs and also builds for them. Take, because that example, the iPod. There were comparable products top top the market at the time of the release, yet most of castle only could hold 30 or 40 songs. For many users, that were only familiar with the Walkman or portable CD players, the was sufficient.

The iPod started at 5GB of capacity and also could organize 1,000 songs. It to be mind-boggling, yet it was precisely what people needed, without them also knowing to ask.

Not just does Apple show customer orientation with product development, yet their in-store and also online purchase experiences additionally reflect it.

Apple motivates its employees to know the “why” behind the purchase a client is making. Instead of customers simply coming in, selecting a computer, and leaving, apologize employees interact in conversation or “discovery” with customers throughout the to buy process.

Apple store employees effort to understand exactly what the client is spring to accomplish so they can leave through the best maker for your needs. It’s not about making much more money; it’s around crafting a much more perfect, customized suffer for each person who walks with the door.

2. Intel Corp

Intel wasn’t constantly the family members name the it is today. In fact, up till the beforehand 2000s, they were the underdog and also relied heavily on gift the “best product” fairly than the product the met people’s needs.

They started shedding out to more an innovative and versatile brands, choose Apple, which understood an ext about what the end-user to be doing through the machine. Quite than being prescriptive, lock conducted an extensive study about business usage cases and also how they pertained to an altering customer needs.

They walk from being a agency known for its great engineering and top-of-the-line assets to being much more flexible and also considering an ext user suffer aspects, favor paying attention to which market the buyer operated in, what they’d commonly be doing through the device, and even the budget they worked with.

3. Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton has written publications on just how to do customer experience well.

There are loads of client anecdotes about the lengths that Ritz Carlton employees have gone come in bespeak to make them feeling cared because that — everything from acquisition notes in their interior CRM around breakfast preferences and favorite wines come noting far-reaching anniversaries like weddings or births.

It’s no just around taking note of these things, though. The firm empowers its employees to plot on them.

Ritz Carlton grants every employee the choice to use as much as $2,000 per occurrence to deal with issues. Keep in mind that the is “per issue,” no “per customer” or “per stay.” Theoretically, one employee that Ritz Carlton can use this advantage multiple time in the very same day for a single customer if various worries needed to it is in resolved.

Being customer-oriented isn’t just around knowing her customers; it’s also around empowering your employees to act on that knowledge.

4. Harley Davidson

When thinking around customer orientation, that unlikely the this motorcycle agency is one of the very first that would pertained to mind. The reality is, though, that Harley Davidson knows how important it is to it is in customer-focused, particularly if they hope to retain their location of excellence in the motorcycle world.

This level of care and also attention to information is represented nowhere better than in your interview process. People hoping to gain a project at Harley Davidson need to prove that they have knowledge and also understanding that the inner functions of the bicycle itself, however they are additionally tested top top their understanding of Harley Davidson bikes in general.

The company hires world who have used your products due to the fact that they space most most likely to understand and be maybe to describe what prospective customers find meaningful and also valuable.

5. UPS

In the 1980s, UPS began feeling the heat as different competitors to your brand started popping up. Customers concurrently experienced an ext shipping requirements and more available shipping options, which meant UPS had actually to differentiate.

To understand how they had actually to change and whereby their customers discovered the most value, the agency had come dive deep.

It ultimately occurred 15 cross-functional teams tasked with producing solutions to problems challenged by the company’s largest customers. Those cross-functional teams finished up morphing into a whole brand-new segment because that UPS’s business: skilled services.

One of the best signs of customer orientation is shifting your company strategy to resolve your customers’ present needs.

How to develop a customer-oriented firm and culture

After looking at the successful suppliers in the list above, it need to be apparent how influential building a customer-oriented culture can be.

Beyond service success, though, it’s likewise impactful for her users. You maintain loyalty and trust through your customers as soon as you show them that you care. This starts at the top.

Everyone, from her executive team down, must be committed to intentional intent and action. They need to understand that sometimes this might mean offering up on particular short-term profits or irreversible gains in lieu of cultivating customer orientation. Everyone needs to think in the mission in order because that it come work.

Here’s just how to go around doing that.

Cultivate high level of empathy

Knowing just how to help customers relies on your ability to empathize through their challenges. If you deserve to understand exactly how they feel, girlfriend can assist them feel better, i beg your pardon is critical part of a customer service job. Also when yes no rapid fix, a sheep of care, concern, and also understanding deserve to go a long way.

Gareth Goh at InsightSquared notes, “Customer business can’t constantly deliver solutions, yet it can constantly deliver empathy.”

Being empathetic method cushioning a “no” or an “I can’t help you here” with more thoughtful dialogue. Because that example, if you on the phone with a disgruntled customer and you have to transfer them, imagine how they would certainly feel and also speak to that.

Empathetic response: "That need to be frustrating for you. I'm walking to affix you through a specialist who is the best person to resolve this issue. Her name is Susan, and also she to know you're ~ above the line."

When employees exercise empathy for customers in every aspect of their work (whether straight related to customer company or not), they room a part of an organization constructed on coherent relationships the stand the check of time.


Encourage exceptional follow-up and follow-through

The worst point a agency can perform is drop the ball, failing to follow with or monitor up on your customer service promises. Imagine: A customer reports one issue, and your team no resolves it nor checks in with the customer after the fact.

This enrages customers, taking them from dissatisfied come fuming. Although complying with through and also then adhering to up with the customer no necessarily a skill set, that a characteristics successful suppliers master. Just as civilization value the characteristic in a friend or colleague, they appreciate it in a customer business team, too.

In an market where one an adverse customer experience can have a never-ceasing echo with social media, fixing an worry (and making sure it remains resolved) is much more important 보다 ever.

In short, follow-through shows that a firm gives a hoot around the people they serve. Likewise, when establishments use automated options to follow with or follow up, they must feel personalized. Customers must feel choose they’re communicating with a agency of people — no robots.


Hire the appropriate people and also train lock up

While many civilization are under the incorrect presumption that to execute well in assistance you just have to be kind, over there are loads of essential an abilities to being terrific support team member.

When you’re looking to hire, ensure that you are interviewing for the best qualities and also that customer orientation is just one of them. Here are some various other traits that you may want come look for when interviewing:

CuriosityTechnical aptitude or learningProblem solvingDeescalation skills

Having engaged, excited employees create a better experience for her customers, but it has actually other benefits, too! having actually a deeper, more dynamic customer partnership can result in a 20% rise in sales and in her bottom line.

Your employees room your an essential customer advocates within her company. They room the finest representatives for what is important and also what matters to your customers, and they’ll it is in the people to surface ar any crucial or important insights in agency meetings.

Treating them well, giving them expansion opportunities, and also encouraging them to proceed cultivating more loyalty is a element marker of customer orientation.


Don’t make your customer perform all the work

Would you like that who walk you with a customer company solution or simply painlessly fix the worry for you?

Hubspot quote a Customer call Council survey based upon 75,000 customers. It confirmed that most people want the project done for them. To reduce the occupational it takes because that a customer to deal with a trouble has the most far-ranging impact on customer loyalty.

The ideal customer-oriented teams default to acquisition on the onus that a trouble or an obstacle rather than passing it back to the customer. If her customer needs a problem fixed, simply do it for them, and also reduce the effort your customer has to expend.

Although it’s no revolutionary, this idea have the right to have an extreme effect on her relationships v customers. Your customers are most likely to feeling relief quite than anxiety while questioning for help. A willingness to make it basic (and efficient) is crucial to ending up being a client service-oriented team.


Create standards

How deserve to you know that you space doing well if you have nothing come gauge that by? setting up benchmarks for the criter you’d like to achieve with your customers is critical step for deepening your customer orientation.

While this could take the form of metrics choose CSAT or NPS, you may additionally choose much more nuanced, multifaceted options, such as:

Product fostering Score: a score the reports just how much of her product’s functionality particular customers have used.Sales scorecards: a rubric the sales teams can use to rate how efficient or ineffective certain sales calls were.

These provide your team members self-guided methods to measure just how customer-oriented they are and also where their areas of possibility lay. Beyond that, they give your team an knowledge of just how it’s doing overall and also where potential bottlenecks can be.

When you set standards and administer methodologies for measuring, you set up both your team and your customers because that success.

Having requirements also means that you deserve to report on them. Taking the moment to report on customer-oriented metrics conveys to your team that these things room of the utmost importance. Dedicating a chunk of time in your stand-ups or all-hands meetings serves to save your customers at the peak of your team’s mind.

Get global buy-in

Say you think customers have the right to (and should) come first. This business model is only going to work if there’s global buy-in throughout your company — and also that’s a lot more daunting than that sounds.

As help Scout alum Emily Triplett Lentz reported, some establishments prioritize the requirements of separation, personal, instance silos in ~ a company over the needs of the customers. This have the right to lead come disjointed, ineffective customer company (even if the assistance staff is fantastic).

Here’s a usual example: Imagine you’re on the assistance team for a SaaS product. The salespeople push upsells to clients who wouldn’t benefit from them, and also outdated agency policies keep you from giving refunds.

You have actually to resolve the fallout, and no matter how helpful you are, nobody feels great about the outcome. Without universal agency buy-in roughly customer orientation, issues like these come to be the norm.

On the various other hand, if every employee — from company leaders and also salespeople to developers and designers — all emphasis on helping customers, they every buy into a shared purpose. That sense of unity creates the ideal environment for customer organization champions to execute their work well.

Cross-functional teams help to deepen this buy-in. When you have different groups committed to working together toward the score of the customer, everyone is ~ above the very same page and rowing in the exact same direction. Effort to collection company goals at the peak level that relate to your customers and their needs.

Ensure the everyone to know what your customer cares about

Most teams make a many assumptions around what customers do or don’t want:

Your product team might think the they know product needs and use cases better than anyone else.Your customer success and also support teams can think lock know exactly what the client values concerning response time or their onboarding.

But if you don’t ask customers directly and then take the time to communicate that info cross-functionally, the presumptions are most likely incorrect.

Make certain you ask and also then communicate throughout teams:

What space your customers’ needs and expectations?How far along space they in their product usage or find for the best product?Which attributes do they like the many or which room the most crucial to them during the sales process?Which attributes are lock using?What about your client experience and also product execute they enjoy most?

With this information under your belt, your company and separation, personal, instance teams can make customer-oriented decision about brand-new strategies and how you desire to move forward. It’s constantly best to examine your assumptions!

To level this up, take into consideration having various other teams interact with her customers. That way, the bottleneck that sharing information doesn’t always fall to your customer-facing teams. Implement every hands support or embed assistance folks in other teams to aid those team members have direct contact with your customers.

Ask for and listen to your customers’ feedback

No matter exactly how much you currently know about your customers and also how many questions you’ve asked, each new customer is an opportunity to find out more. Every person is unique and also has individual wants and also needs, and also your customers room no different.

Ask your customers regularly exactly how they feel around your product, the relationship they have actually with her team, and the features you are coming out with. Frequently asking for feedback shows them that you care, for this reason making them much more likely to come to you if they have something come share external of the typical feedback cycle.

So numerous customers won’t reach out to a firm when something is wrong and will silently churn instead. Once you’ve already taken the time to show them that you value their opinion, they’ll be much more inclined to with out with both the great and the bad.

You don’t necessarily should ask through timeless surveys. There room a few different ways that you can gain insights into how your customers space feeling:

Exit interviewsUser testingQBRs

Once you have actually the information, be sure to spread out it throughout her company. Part companies select to dedicate a chunk of time throughout their all-company meetings just to talk about direct feedback from customers.

Become customer-oriented

You execute not need to reinvent your culture and restructure her entire agency to be more customer-oriented. A couple of minor tweaks to her existing structure, strategy, or policies may be enough to press your agency further right into a an ext customer-focused zone.

Take the time to maintain empathy among your team members. Then, encourage them come have strong follow-up and also drive to get things done for the customer. Hire appropriately and ensure that the people you are hiring will proceed to uphold the criter that you set for her team’s success.

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Lastly, uncover ways come take job-related off her customers’ plates. Having actually full-company buy-in that the occupational that you space doing will certainly make the process much easier. When everyone cares around the customer, your organization will normally grow an ext customer-oriented.