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indigenous Barack Obama AMA top top Reddit v 400 million uniques in 2012, reddit is among the most famous websites in the world.

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The news and also entertainment site allows users submit web links or text, which acquire voted up or under by various other users.We atBusiness Insidercan attest come the value of gaining a link in a influential place onreddit(aka the front page of the Internet).

The craziest thing around this virtual superpower is that it"s powered largely by cotton users.

The totality thing depends on "karma." famous posts and comments are upvoted and also receive karma, when unpopular ones space downvoted and lose karma. Users with the many karma (especially comment karma) room the superstar of this digital community and also exert significant power in control the conversation.

We"ve traction a renowned comment and information when obtainable fromthe top comment karma holders.


Screenshot/Sleepless In Seattle

ImNotJesus has been a redditor for practically two years and collected 363,453 commentkarma. He claims to have been employeda suicide hotline.


In a thread the askedwhat movie you can turn around and also say the an excellent guy was yes, really the bad guy, ImNotJesus said:

Any man from a romantic comedy that basically stalks the girl and then steals she from her existing boyfriend.

He climate added:

Edit: Please avoid telling me that ladies aren"t property, "stealing a girl" is a number of speech and also it was no intended to imply ownership. The allude isn"t the the girl is some mindless drone that has actually no will of she own, it"s that trying to seduce who who"s already in a relationship is a prick move. Give thanks to you.


A member because October 2010, pseudolobster has accumulated377,327 commentkarma.


In a thread featuring this scary photo, pseudolobster commented:


A member since November 2011, se7en_sinner has accumulated378,028 commentkarma.


In a thread about a raccoon that a man mistook for a cat,se7en_sinner posted this imageand commented:

I discovered your cat.


H.L.I.T. / creative Commons

A member since September, 2011, journalisto has accumulated378,263 comment karma.


In response to a GIF showing a bad driver causing one more car come crash, journalisto nailed it:

This is actually one of the scariest things around driving - the fact that human being like this moron room out there and could kill your totality family in one instant.,_MMA-NYC,_1851.jpg

Warlizard is aDesert Stormveteran and the writer ofa Tucker Max-esque book of stories. He also used to work-related in technology support.A redditor for much more than 3 years, the hasaccumulated 378,408 comment karma.


In response to a Brit complaining around how american keep transforming the surname of candy, consisting of Marathons being renamed Snickers and Opal fruit being change the name Starburst, Warlizard replied:

And "The 13 Colonies" being renamed "The United claims of America."

#12 ILL_Show_Myself_Out

christian mange via
N06/6811237675/ an imaginative commons

A user for only a year, ILL_Show_myself_Out has actually 384,521 comment karma.


In a thread aboutaccidentally racialism stories,the user wrote:

I met an oriental guy who knows my brother one night, and I made part comments ns thought could be a tiny off-color. I observed him the next day in ~ the bar and also apologized profusely. The acted confused about the entirety incident. I later found out the it wasn"t him.

#11 Kijafa

A user because July 2011, Kijafa has 390,460 comment karma.


In a subject on smartass comments, Kijafa said:

"When it concerns intelligence you"re certainly at the optimal of the bell curve."

It"s fun to speak to world who don"t know what the means.

#10 ggggbabybabybaby

A redditor because May 2010, ggggbabybabybaby has built up 396,263comment karma.


In a article on would certainly you quite questions, ggggbabybabybaby wrote:

Would you quite read all the downvoted comments on this subject or go earlier to work?

#9 Drunken_Economist

windy Domain / wikimedia

Drunken_Economist has racked increase 499,073 karma in practically two years.

Besides gift an active user, Drunken_Economist likewise wields a critical responsibility as a moderator that the /r/iama subreddit, where showed individuals host open "Ask Me Anythings." The AMA write-ups are several of the most popular and unique components of reddit.


In a subject on famous estimates that would certainly take ~ above a entirely different an interpretation if said by someone else,Drunken_Economist wrote:

"You miss out on 100% the the shots girlfriend don"t take."

Lee Harvey Oswald"

#8 ProbablyHittingOnYou

A user since August 2010, ProbablyHittingOnYou post so often that world knew the as just PHOY. He"s an active moderator of numerous subreddits, consisting of the highly well-known /r/Politics sub. He has gathered 542,015 comment karma.

Strangely enough, he hasn"t comment in month ...


In a thread arguing a motto for Reddit,ProbablyHittingOnYou wrote: something to check out in in between browsing porn and working.

#7 TheAtomicPlayboy


A user because August 2011, TheAtomicPlayboy has actually 547,984comment karma.


In response to someone who bragged his Carhart jacket had survived1 marriage, 3 dogs, 5 cars/trucks, and also 15 various homes, TheAtomicPlayboy wrote:

You"re life a nation song.

#6 red321red321

A user due to the fact that January 2012, red321red321 has accumulated553,536 comment karma.


In response to a picture of a beach spanned in snack food indigenous a flood shipping container, red321red321 wrote:

We"ve finally discovered it:El Dorito

#5 Trapped_in_Reddit

wikimedia commons

A redditor for 10 months, Trapped_In_Reddit has built up a large amount that karma in a really short amount of time, prompting theories that it is the 2nd account ofanother poweruser or someone making use of a regime to video game voting.

All told, he"s got587,767comment karma.


In solution to a comment about meeting Lil" Jon in ~ JFK,Trapped_in_Reddit wrote:

Lil" Jon is just one of the last civilization I would want to be behind as soon as you"re trying come go v airport security.

"Sir, do you have any metallic objects?"


#4 Shitty_Watercolour

Shitty_Watercolour / reddit

Shitty_Watercolour is an English painter who will reply to an imaginative comments with a custom, hand-painted watercolor painting. He has actually a full youtube channel and has increased money for charity by streaming marathon painting sessions and also doing commissions.

He has actually earned625,979comment karma in the process.


In Barack Obama"s questioning Me noþeles session,Shitty_Watercolour available a installation welcome.

#3 NotAMethAddict

Courtesy the Microsoft Studios

Besides a vital fact about their affinity because that narcotics, we don"t understand much aboutNotAMethAddict. They"ve earned767,302comment karma in 8 months.


If given four words to put on his tombstone NotAMethAddict would write:

Respawn in 10 seconds.

#2 andrewsmith1986

Wikimedia Commons

Andrewsmith1986made headlines a pair of months earlier when that supposedly battered reddit. However apparently he"s earlier and maintaining 1,222,725comment karma.

When that isn"t overcoming reddit, he works as a geologist.


In a thread around supposedly legitimate points that room really scams,andrewsmith1986 wrote:

As a geologist, i never arrangement on purchase my wife a diamond.

*to the world that store asking me what I would buy her, inspect out stuff likethis, or there iswhite topaz,emerald,aquamarine,red emerald,garnet,watermelon tourmaline. AlexandriteIt alters colors relying on the polorization of light.Rubyandsapphireare both corundum and are tough as f---.

See more: Shadows Of Evil Pack A Punch Guide, Shadows Of Evil

This is my pure favorite stone though.A 30 carat quartz stone with a single rutile (TiO2) needle v the center

There are literally hundreds of various stones you could get, why pick a hunk that carbon? (sure that is hard but any kind of corundum will certainly be reasonably just as hard)

#1 Apostolate

priyam.n via
N02/8357491764/ an innovative commons

The king. Apostolate claims to be a regulation student in brand-new York. A redditor due to the fact that January 2012, hehas 1,374,900comment karma.


In an answer to a story about a man who didn"t know why he couldn"t acquire "never ending pancakes" to go at IHOP,Apostolate wrote:

This guy thought he to be a f------ genius."And they"ll have actually to bring them to my houseforever!"

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