Apple on Wednesday uploaded its annual Christmas TV ad to YouTube, i beg your pardon this year stars singers Stevie Wonder and Andra Day.

The pair do Wonder"s "Someday at Christmas," a track from 1967 rallying against war, poverty, inequality, and hunger. In ~ the very beginning the the ad, Wonder — who has been blind since infancy — can be seen mixing music top top a MacBook by way of VoiceOver.

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Apple has been to run Christmas commercials due to the fact that the beforehand 1980s. Like numerous businesses, the company takes a more sentimental tone during the holidays, aiming to improve its in its entirety brand image.

While Apple"s ads frequently concentrate ~ above a details product or service, the recent one greatly ignores overt references. It may however be a way of further associating Apple v music in a bid to tempt Apple Music subscribers.

Last year the company"s 2013 holiday ad, "Misunderstood," winner a an innovative Arts Emmy together the most "Outstanding Commercial." that spot featured a boy seemingly skip his family in donate of one iPhone, just to reveal that he to be preparing a special video for them. has actually affiliate partnerships and may knife commission on commodities purchased with affiliate links. These partnerships do not influence our editorial content.



said about 5 years back

just the last 2 sec of the video clip personally linked to me "love, apple", which the had contemporary furniture and well lit room for beginners. :-/



said about 5 years ago

Such a beautiful song performed by two marvelous voices.Thank you



said about 5 years back

Very quite video!



said around 5 years ago

It"s almost not an ad but a greeting map from Apple.Nice.

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said around 5 years back

barely a product in sight. A beautiful song. And also love, Apple. It"s perfect.