Your mileage may vary, however. Without understanding what “other factors” way when Snapchat explains their equation, it’s difficult to determine exactly how the score is calculated beyond sending and receiving snaps, and posting stories rise your score by a solitary point. As for why this scores exist? We’ll keep it simple: this scores are approximately to save you snapping, and to fuel a competition between you and your various other Snap users. Whether you care about the application enough to feed into the competition is really approximately you, yet a rapid Google search for “increasing Snapchat score” yields much more than 617,000 results, therefore enough civilization care about scores because that thousands upon countless guides to be written around it.

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Oh, and also a quick tap on her Snapchat score will reveal two new numbers: your number of sent and received snaps, respectively. Maybe not the most necessary information the end there, yet definitely amazing for any type of fans of difficult data and also numbers.


Other numbers in Snapchat

Let’s take an additional look at that chat screen we stated earlier. Swipe appropriate from the camera display screen to open up the conversation interface. There are typically a bunch the numbers right here as well, and it can be a bit confusing if girlfriend aren’t sure what to look at. Let’s break down exactly what everything means here. Those number on the best side of her contacts? Those space your streak counts, which store track of how plenty of days in a row you’ve snapped ago and forth with a user. The number were reduced in the current Snapchat redesign, and, well, a many of civilization seem come really dislike this. The bigger your phone display, the more likely that is the this won’t issue to you, yet people did yes, really seem to choose the bigger emoji and also number counts.

Unfortunately, the minimization of this numbers and also emojis don’t seem to it is in going anywhere anytime soon. Also more, 보다 the Snapchat scores we just talked about, streaks are very important to a decimal of Snapchat users, v some going out of their way to develop their streaks with as countless users as possible. For more on Snapchat streaks, examine out our attribute on streaks here.


Hit earlier and head over into the camera user interface in Snapchat. Snapchat has relocated your an individual Stories from the uncover section come the Snapchat menu, as we mentioned at the top of this article. Snapchat Stories have actually numbers of your own, and it’s necessary to know what come look for on this screen as well. As soon as you tap top top the Bitmoji/Stories symbol in the top-left of her camera display, you’ll view the food selection for her Story in the middle of the display. Tapping top top the circular photograph to the left will begin to instantly playback your Stories, when tapping ~ above the grey area will open up up the Story menu, displaying whatever you’ve posted.

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The number at the top of this page will exchange mail to the oldest article on your Story, showing exactly how many human being have perceived your content. Opened the full list of your short articles will show the tiny eye symbol on the ideal of every Story, along with the corresponding views. ~ above the left is the moment passed because you post the matching Story; since short articles disappear after ~ 24 hours, you’ll desire to make sure you save any kind of posts prior to them disappearing in order come not shed your picture or videos. Tap top top the eye icon to load additional information ~ above who has actually seen her story (users will be shown in turning back chronological order), and how many civilization (and who) have actually taken a screenshot of your story. Snapchat will educate you once someone’s bring away a screenshot of her story, so girlfriend won’t have to examine this number too often in regular usage.


Most of the number in Snapchat have a perfectly rational explanation—with the significant exception the Snap scores, which make around aslittle sense as one can hope for an aggregate score to make. Snap scores space harmless piece of information, though, and despite the in its entirety meaningless of such information, it’s fun to complete with her friends for Snap scores—if only to view who offers the app more between you and your friends. If you’re still looking for some advice on coming to be a true Snapchat power user, inspect out our ‘how-to’ guidehere.