Snapchat has actually occupied a unique niche in the social media competition. One of the features that have made the the most popular among teens is its fresh and an easy user experience. The trend of quick disappearing videos (‘Stories’) was began by Snapchat, which can now be seen on every society media platform. The best component about this applications is that also after being equipped with loads of features, it maintain its simplicity. Thus, it i will not ~ be wrong come say that Snapchat is fairly the trendsetter! apart from the number of features, consisting of the AI filters, map tracking, contextual posts, and also group chats, there’s a hidden feature that you could not recognize of— the snap number. As Snapchat says, “Your Snapchat score is established by a super-secret unique equation that combines the variety of Snaps you’ve sent and also received, the stories you’ve posted, and also a pair of other components “. This number typically presents chin under the user IDs that the people that friend follow and also even on your profile. Quiet don’t know anything? stress not, that’s specifically why we’re here!

If you’re brand-new to the application, you might find the whole interface a small cluttery. Yet don’t worry, in this guide, you will know what the Snap numbers mean. So role over and continue reading!



What execute The numbers on Snapchat Mean?

Where does one discover the Snapchat scores?

Maybe you’ve watched it already. But have you observed it? follow the steps listed below to check out your Snapchat score:

1. Launch the Snapchat application on her phone.

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2. The Android version is preferred, however it doesn’t issue as the interface is an ext or much less the very same in all operating systems.

3. As quickly as the application launches, it will be prepared to record videos and also pictures (‘Snaps’)


4. We don’t need this, for this reason instead, locate your avatar on the top left edge and tap top top it.

5. Now, you deserve to see every little thing related to your profile.

6. If your account is linked with a Bitmoji account, friend will check out that icon in your display picture. If not, a solid silhouette will be checked out in that is place.

7. Under the icon, girlfriend will uncover your snap code.

8. Simply under the code, you will discover the Snapchat score or the number we’ve been talk about. Along with this, girlfriend can also have a look at your horoscope sign.


What is the Snapchat score?

Snapchat score gives human being an idea the how energetic you room on the application. Your tasks include trophies, stories, and also the variety of friends did you do it added. In simple terms, the developers have actually used this attribute to rise user engagement. If your application consumption is more, her Snapchat number will certainly increase. ~ above the other hand, if her Snapchat usage is less, there are chances that the score might additionally be zero.

Unfortunately, the method that this score is calculated is quite mysterious. According to Snapchat, this number rises ~ above a range of factors, few of which include:

The variety of snaps that you’ve shared.The number of snaps that you’ve received.The frequency v which you article stories.And as Snapchat says, “Other Factors.”

There could also be a lot of other unknown functions that might add to raising your Snapchat score. These include using filters, geographical features, etc. However, there is nothing we deserve to say for sure apart native the above-mentioned points.

In layman’s terms, we can say the this score is nothing yet representative of your Snapchat usage. It has only to be presented because that nothing else yet increasing user engagement.

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How deserve to you rise your Snapchat score?

Regular Snapchat users could find this information handy. In case you want to boost your Snapchat score, you will have actually to take into consideration the main ways the Snapchat contains in the scoring list. These room as follows:

Post many Stories

As mentioned above, Snapchat to be the very very first application to introduce the concept of stories. Story on Snapchat deserve to be assumed of together mini-documentaries whereby one documents anything and also everything the happens in your day-to-day lives. The nature of the stories and snaps is very episodic, i.e., lock disappear after a details time. Therefore, it would be logical to assume the posting stories boosts the Snapchat score.

Send Snaps

As contrasted to stories, sending out snaps is much more of a personal affair. This is the most effective in raising the score. Therefore a an excellent option would certainly be to add a couple of friends who are okay v being spammed with snaps from you. In your chatbox together you can send castle as countless snaps together you want.

However, if you are up because that it, over there is a funnier alternative. Until now, we’ve learned that sending out snaps rises the Snapchat score. However it doesn’t say everywhere that they have to be sent to human being on your friend’s list. Shot sending snaps to verified accounts, since it no matter because they are never going to open up it. Here’s a cute idea — send a snapshot of her dog to renowned dog accounts prefer

Maintain Streaks

Streaks room such superb and exclusive function of Snapchat. There is a opportunity that they might increase your Snapchat score, yet there is part uncertainty surrounding it. Nonetheless, it’s worth providing it a try. Preserving a streak with simply one human is fairly tricky and time-consuming. Here’s exactly how you have the right to do it: send and receive snaps with one user every day because that at the very least three days. When that is done, girlfriend will view a fire emoji beside their name in your chats.


To keep this emoji for prolonged period, friend will need to send and receive at least one snap every day. If friend fail to execute so, your fire emoji will certainly disappear.

Sharing your username with a brand-new contact might also help to rise your Snapchat score.

What happens as soon as you rise the Snapchat number?

Let united state say the you have followed all the measures successfully, and also your Snapchat number lastly increases. However what is the definition behind all this? and also what wake up next? There room a few trophies that room digitally listed to the individuals who rise their Snapchat number! some of these rewards and also trophies are mentioned below:

Baby icon: When the Snapchat score will 10. Gold star icon: When the Snapchat score crosses 100. Three-stars: When friend hit three zeroes — the score the cross 1,000. Red fireworks: When her Snapchat score is somewhere between 50,000 and also 100,000. Rocket: When the Snapchat score goes beyond 100,000. Ghost: The final level, the Ghost emoji, will appear once friend hit the optimal of her Snapchat usage and also get a score of over 500,000.

Apart from these emojis, no various other awards are to be expected from the application.

How have the right to you check out your friends’ Snapchat scores?

To save the vain alive, girlfriend must additionally know just how to view your friends’ Snapchat scores. Monitor the offered steps:

Open the chats on her Snapchat application.Tap on their profile indigenous the messages/chats.You can check their score from this window. It will be listed below their username, which is at the top.

Besides the Snapchat score, room there any kind of other numbers?

For new users, this can seem like a pretty apparent question.

When you open your chats, you will see some little numbers near the contacts v whom you have exchanged snaps. This is the count of her streaks.

Another really common collection of numbers will certainly be clearly shows to friend under your story. There will be an eye, which, once pressed, reflects the variety of viewers of your story.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the number in Snapchat profile?

The number the is discussed in your Snapchat file is recognized as the Snapchat score. The states just how much the a Snapchatter girlfriend are!

Q2. What does her Snapchat score say about you?

The Snapchat score is a depiction of how energetic you room on Snapchat. As such if friend send more snaps and share much more stories, friend will have a greater score.

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We expect this guide was helpful and you to be able to recognize the meaning the the numbers on snapchat. If you still have any kind of queries about this article, climate feel complimentary to ask castle in the comment section.