Agricultural adjustment Act to be a United claims federal law which seeks to improve farming prices by to reduce excesses. In stimulate to accomplish its aims for the program, the federal government bought livestock indigenous farmers and also slaughter them so the they will not be accessible to take to the markets. The government additionally pay money to farmer for no planting crops on components of their lands."},"id":14322452,"content":"

Answer:They believed it was wrong to destroy food when civilization were hungry.">” data-test=”answer-box-list”>

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The correct choice is this: THEY thought IT was WRONG TO destroy FOOD WHEN human being ARE HUNGRY.Agricultural convey Act was a United claims federal regulation which seeks to improve farming prices by reduce excesses. In stimulate to achieve its intends for the program, the government bought livestock from farmers and slaughter castle so the they will not be accessible to require to the markets. The government likewise pay money to farmer for not planting crops on parts of your lands.

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They assumed it was wrong to damage food when world were hungry.

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