A dog licking that body and also lips is natural and also expected. A dog licking its owner is likewise a usual doggy habit whose definitions you probably already know. What about a dog licking that is owner’s bedding? Now, the sounds strange.

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But if you own a canine, that not inexplicable to capture it licking your bedding, specifically your pillow. And like any type of concerned pet parent, that might get girlfriend thinking, why does my dog lick my pillows and also blankets?

The most usual reason why your pooch may be fond of licking her bedding is the the dog likes the taste and smell of your pillows and blankets. Our bodies secrete sweat, and also as friend shall discover out, dog love that braided taste.

Also, remember that dogs have a sense of smell that’s up to 40 times higher than ours. Therefore, they may lick ours bedding as the smell permits them to keep touch with us, specifically when we’re away.

But if you’ve constantly been wondering to yourself, why does mine dog always lick mine pillow? Well, there might be numerous other factors besides the taste and also smell of your pillow. Review on to find out.

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How carry out Dogs Communicate?

One the the most frequently asked concerns is, just how do dog communicate? just how we price that inquiry is an essential in understanding why her dog licks your pillow.

The following section shall to mark a couple of ways canines communicate with various other dogs as well as their human friends.

1. Mouth Shape

If a dog closes its mouth tightly to hide its teeth or tongue, and also has its gaze fixed in one direction, that could be indicative of a dog it is attentive and also focused top top something.

But if the dog has its mouth vast open and also bares every its teeth, that might signal an impending attack.

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2. Ear Position

A dog that’s attentive or alarm will have all its ears erect and also slightly leaning forward. Ear that room pulled back and relaxing flat versus the dog’s head space usually a authorize of anxiety and fear.

And ears that are held sideways regularly indicate a dog it is passing v conflicting emotions, as is frequently the case with a dog it is trying to readjust to its new surroundings.

3. Eye Position

A addressed gaze with direct eye contact is often linked with confrontation. If the dog no perceive you together a threat, the will try to protect against eye contact at all costs.

Some dog will likewise blink as a way of trying to diffuse a it s too dirty atmosphere.

4. Head Position

Much favor the eyes, dogs have tendency to assert their dominance by pointing your heads directly at the viewed threat, sometimes additionally baring their teeth.

On the other hand, canines show submission by turning their head away from their owner or various other dogs.

5. Tail Movements

Dogs display confidence through holding your tails high. And when a dog is attentive, you will do it observe that its tail lies horizontal and points away from the dog’s body, however isn’t stiff.

Finally on tail movements, a dog may wag that is tail to communicate its excitement to check out you. A dog could likewise wag that is tail as a calm signal or as an expression of contentment.


6. Barking and Growling

A dog’s bark can mean different things, depending on how the sound comes out.

For instance, a dog that’s trying to alert the owner about an intruder will certainly bark in rapid strings, regularly pausing in between. If the barking is prolonged, it can be indicative the loneliness or the readiness to challenge a perceived threat.

In most cases, growling is connected with dominant dogs. That a sound that a dog offers to scare far threats and display its on purpose to assault if the threat doesn’t earlier away.

7. Yawning and also Licking

Dogs mainly yawn together they shot to awaken, but some yawns are associated with stress.

A dog may also yawn once trying come pacify an additional aggressive dog. It isn’t necessarily a authorize of submission, however an expression of the dog’s unwillingness to it is in confrontational.


Adult dog lick themselves as a way of cleaning and also grooming themselves, while mothers lick their puppies as a method of building solid bonds.

But once it pertains to humans, many dogs lick as a present of affection. And also that frequently ranges from licking their human being bodies come the furniture in the house, beddings and also anything else the the dog associates through its owner.

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Now, that gets us back to our question, why does mine dog lick my pillow?

Reasons Why your Dog Licks your Pillow

As we’ve currently mentioned, the key reason why her dog licks your pillow is the the pillow tastes good. The habit of licking pillows is an ext common among puppies.

But why does your pillow tastes so good for your pup?

As girlfriend sleep, her body’s metabolism no shut down, and also all the physiological processes proceed to take location through the night. Her body secretes sweat that’s largely sucked up by the pillows and other beddings.

human sweat contains plenty of salt ions, which account for its saltiness. That that an extremely saltiness that your dog find tasty.


Salt reminds the dog that the taste the its food and also since her body also secretes oils, many dogs find that combination even more savory. Salt also triggers a dog’s thirst glands, thereby permitting the dog to drink sufficient water.

If you’ve to be keen enough, you must have actually realized that your puppy goes to drink immediately it’s done licking her pillow.

Besides sweat and also oils, our bodies go with other organic processes, such together skin and hair shedding. These dead matter also have a level of salinity, which renders them taste sweet to your dog.

The following are other possible reasons why her dog licks her pillow.

1. Friend Leave your Scent top top the Pillow

As you spend the much better part of the night lie on your bed, you leave some organic scents ~ above the bedding. These room the really smells the the dog provides to identify you.

When a dog licks your pillow, it could be a sign of affection. The scent of your body that lingers on her pillows keeps the dog hooked to you even when you gone.

It’s great way of preserving a nearby bond between a dog and also its owner, specifically for pet parents that are generally gone for prolonged durations the time.


Also, the mere fact that you spend a lengthy time on your bed means that the dog naturally associates her pillow through you. So, also if you don’t leave any scents there, the dog will constantly lick the pillow to show its love for you.

However, the makes much more sense if the dog only licks the pillow as soon as you’re no there, as opposed come bypassing you to lick the pillow instead.

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2. Her Skincare products Taste Good

It’s not only the taste of your sweat that can draw your dog to her pillow.

Some of ours canine friends just adore the smell and taste the our face products and body lotions. It might even be the wash detergents or softeners the you generally use.

The best method to establish that your dog is drawn to her skincare and laundry commodities is to change the product and also observe exactly how the dog responds.

In part cases, the fluffiness of your pillow may also be a pull factor. Needless come mention, the visibility of broth spills on the pillow will inevitably cause your dog to lick it.

3. Readjust of Diet

A readjust of diet is likewise another possible reason why your dog can be licking your pillow.

You must remember that dogs space creatures of habit. Therefore, a slight adjust in their regimen is most likely to throw them turn off balance, acquiring them to lick excessively on noþeles they can find, including your pillows.

At times, her dog can be completely opposed come the brand-new diet and also by licking your pillow, it might be do the efforts to connect its aversions.

Perhaps, the new diet lacks sufficient salt and also the braided taste the the pillow reminds the dog of what its former diet provided to be.

4. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most usual mental disorders that pets suffer from. And as the name suggests, this condition refers to the stress and anxiety that stems indigenous loneliness and also boredom.

A dog that’s experiencing from separation stress will, in most cases, lick the pillow as soon as you’re around to leaving the house. The dog is frequently trying to communicate how lot it will miss out on you once you’re gone.

So, if you’ve always been wondering, why does mine dog constantly lick my pillow when I wake up? Well, you’ve acquired your answer ideal there. And also the same explanation might also help pet parents who often find themselves asking, why does mine dog lick me in the morning?

Separation tension usually results in short self-esteem. Together such, a dog may lick your pillow as a way of consoling itself when you’re away. It’s your own method of trying to banish your fears, worries, and also insecurities.

Remember, the only part of you the you left behind is the sweat, oils, and also the dead hair and skin follicles on your pillow and also bedding.


5. Dogs’ activity Peak in ~ Twilight

Much choose cats, dogs space crepuscular animals. That method they’re generally more active at dawn and also dusk. And also that might assist to explain another common pet-related inquiry – why do dogs lick you prior to bed?

As their task peak roughly these hours, the dog desires to invest as lot time through its owner’s side as it can. But because this is additionally the time the you retire to bed, your dog will desire to cuddle by your bedside, licking her pillow and also other beddings.

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6. Medical Condition

Lastly, the habit that licking her pillow might be symptomatic of an underlying medical condition, such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

OCD is defined by repetitive and persistent behavior, including those that space self-destructive to the dog. And when you try to break the habit, a dog that’s experiencing from this problem will usually get upset and also respond negatively.

Whichever the medical condition the dog is experiencing from, your best bet is to enlist the solutions of a experienced vet as soon as possible.


How to acquire Your Dog to protect against Licking your Pillow?

The complying with are several of the tips the you have the right to implement to avoid your dog from licking her pillow;

1. Do not reinforce the habits by lucrative the dog. Yet don’t punish the dog either. Hitting the dog or yelling at it will just encourage the undesired behavior.

2. Sell the dog sufficient mental and physical stimulation, particularly when she gone.

3. Spend ample time with your dog to mitigate separation anxiety.

4. Ensure the dog eats the ideal diet and also has many of things to chew on.

5. Limit the dog’s access to your pillows.


Final Word

It’s not unexplained to come across your dog licking your pillow. The just thing to establish is if the action is abnormally frequent and intense.

If you suspect an underlying clinical condition, take it the dog for veterinary examination as shortly as possible.

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