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Facebook individuals can have actually noticed their friends posting heart emojis as their status in the last week.You are watching: Why are people posting hearts on facebook?


Facebook is enhancing Safety Check so you can help individuals in an emergency

The single ❤️ in people’s statuses is normally posted with no explacountry, leaving many wondering what it is all about.

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While many assume the symbol is connected to Valentines Day or also be an individual point, the emoji usage actually has actually a very major meaning.

What is all this about?

(Picture: Breastern Cancer Care)

The heart is part of a Facebook campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer.

The person posting the emoji commonly acneurosoup.orgmpanies this with a exclusive message to their female friends asking them to inspect their breasts. This normally reads:

This isn’t around increasing money for charity – it’s around looking out for alters and also seeking advice from the doctor if essential.

Isn’t Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October?

The M&S and Breast Cancer Now #ShowYourStrap project (picture: M&S)

Yes, it is yet the principle behind the heart emoji is to remind women to check their breasts consistently – not just in October.

Once a year sindicate isn’t sufficient to continue to be safe, acneurosoup.orgrding to the NHS webwebsite.

Hang on. Don’t males get breast cancer too?

Mammogram (picture: PA)

Men additionally get breast cancer, which is one of the criticisms of the heart project.

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One Mumsnet neurosoup.orgntributor summed it up: ‘ p*ssed me off for all sorts of reasons however not leastern the reality that MEN GET BREAST CANCER TOO! This kind of s*** really f**** me off angry.’

However, anything that gets civilization talking and also watching out for the symptoms can’t be all that poor. Right?

Breast cancer cells, SEM (Picture: Getty)

The NHS website advises seeing a GP if any type of new lumps show up, particularly if acneurosoup.orgmpanied with the following symptoms.

For women:– a readjust in the size or shape of one or both breasts– discharge from either of your nipples, which may be streaked through blood– a lump or swelling in either of your armpits– dimpling on the skin of your breasts– a rash on or around your nipple– a readjust in the appearance of your nipple, such as beneurosoup.orgming sunken right into your breast– Breastern pain is not a symptom of breastern cancer

For men:

– If any kind of hard, painmuch less lump shows up near your nipples– If your nipple begins to invert or revolve in– Nipple discharge

Further information is available on the NHS website here for women and also here for men.See more: How To Say Something Average In A Nice Way S To Say Somepoint Rude

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