“My very own Worst Enemy” is the lead single from Lit’s 2nd album A location in the Sun. That is the band’s most popular song, security eleven weeks at number 1 ~ above the US modern-day Rock… review More 

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Can we forget about the things I said when I to be drunk?I didn't mean to speak to you thatI can't remember what was said or what you threw at mePlease tell mePlease call me whyMy vehicle is in the prior yard, and also I'mSleeping through my clothing onI come in v the window last nightAnd you're lengthy gone, goneIt's no surprised to me, i am my own worst enemy'Cause every now and also then, i kick the life shit the end of meThe smoke alert is going off, and also there's a cigaretteStill burningPlease tell me whyMy auto is in the front yard, and I'mSleeping v my garments onI came in through the window last nightAnd you're long gone, gone
Please call me whyMy automobile is in the front yard, and also I'mSleeping with my clothing onI come in through the window last night(Ah-ooh) It's no surprised to me, i am my very own worst enemy(Ah-ooh) 'Cause every now and also then, ns kick the life shit out of me(Ah-ooh) can we forget around the points I said as soon as I to be drunk?(Ah-ooh) ns didn't typical to contact you that(Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)

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“My own Worst Enemy” is the lead solitary from Lit’s 2nd album A location in the Sun. It is the band’s most famous song, safety eleven weeks at number 1 on the US modern Rock tracks chart.

The song is a playable track on Rock tape 2 and also Rock band Unplugged.

In an interview released in the June 1999 execution of Spin magazine (vol 15, no. 6), guitarist Jeremy Popoff and front guy A. Jay Popoff had actually the complying with to say:

Jeremy: “The track is the result of waking up and also realizing girlfriend screwed up the night before. The an initial verse is about screwing up with your chick. A Jay’s the king of having 4 ex-girlfriends display up come the same show. It’s funny the town hall him shot to juggle.”

A. Jay: “It to be the combination of many, many incidents. Occasionally I gain in trouble once I acquire naked in public and have a girl here. That happens when I’ve to be drinking Jagermeister. I in reality sang ‘My very own Worst Enemy’ naked in the studio.”

A. Jay: “The 2nd verse is about the morning after, as soon as you hear around all the lame shit you did. The last time it occurred was as soon as we acquired really drunk in Laughlin, Nevada, for new Year’s. I stole a janitor cart, and me and five friends jumped onto the flatbed, rode down the sidewalk, and also got chased by the cops. The next day, I discovered a couple of mine friends were taken in by security, who were searching for me every night. I was tucked far in my hotel room, oblivious.”