"I never ever thought I'd it is in classed together a YouTuber, yet I guess i am technically," she speak neurosoup.org News. "YouTube has actually done whatever for mine career."

Leshurr (whose phase name is a play on her real name, Malesha O'Garro, and nothing to carry out with gift a lady that leisure) is gearing up for her debut album this year after releasing a cable of famous videos.

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Just a few years ago, the Birmingham-born star was an underground rapper - you'd have actually been more likely to capture her playing small gigs or release mixtapes 보다 uploading YouTube clips.

But then, she released Queen's speech - a series of videos, motivated by fight rap, each filmed in one constant take.

"I take it a year out before I began those. I offered to just fling the end songs here and there, however I took a break, and started to obtain to understand myself.

"Because, even though I had actually been law music for ages, ns didn't feel choose I had a proper trademark sound.

"So ns was city hall a lot of of civilization that came out in 2015, and I simply realised what's missing from the music sector is fun. A feeling of humour, choose old-school Eminem."

Each that the Queen's decided videos took a different theme, and sees her rapping in areas as diverse as the Woolwich tunnel, a residential street in Los Angeles, one underground automobile park - or while riding a camel on a double carriageway.

But the lyrics of the songs attracted just as much attention as the videos she filmed because that them. Your playful, comedic aspect rapidly ended up being a vital part of she identity.

"People combine grime v violence and aggression, and also I want to it is in the human to adjust that," she says.

Instead, garlic bread, Tetley's tea, postman Pat, cheesy Wotsits, Brexit, Snapchat, beans on toast and also The Jeremy Kyle present are amongst the points she has referenced in her songs.

Her lyrics blend such pop society references v politically-conscientious rhymes while likewise reading prefer an etiquette holy bible for the society media age.

"I can't was standing girls that take your heels off as soon as they're in a rave / I'll action on your big toe, just to remind you just how to behave," she spits top top Queen's speech 3.


"And over there is simply one thing, that i never interpreted / girls are learning to twerk, yet don't know how to cook," she raps ~ above Queen's speech 6

However, text such together these - and others wherein she describes girls that go to sleep with their make-up ~ above or whose "lips look prefer crispy bacon" - have earned she criticism from part quarters, who have accused she of gift anti-feminist.

But Leshurr says her words room intended to be read as light-hearted and also funny rather than aggressive.

"Some people just think I'm trying to slander women and also put girls down. And it's not that - it's simply the reality of me loving fight rap," she claims - referring to the live hip-hop clashes where 2 MCs take turns to diss your opponent.

"It's never ever that I'm trying to put someone down. It's always like 'Oh my friend always walks approximately in the club with no shoes on, that's funny', it's not a point where I'm trying come go directly at someone.

"I say certain things in Queen's Speech due to the fact that I know it's walk to it is in relatable to the common man."

It was the fourth instalment that QS - finish with the attractive "brush your teeth" chorus - that took her to the following level.


It racked up much more than 100 million views throughout all platforms, consisting of 40 million alone from DeLorean, a significant US facebook account which common it.

Leshurr credits DeLorean with giving her the exposure that ultimately led to Samsung using the track in among their commercials.

She had initially to plan the Queen's Speech series to it is in a quartet of videos, but after the 4th instalment went famous in together a huge way she chose to proceed them - and also they acquired considerably more ambitious.

"We went to Woolwich tunnel pretty late one night because we thought human being wouldn't be going through, but there were," she claims of the filming that Queen's speech 6.

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"And a most Americans believed that tunnel to be CGI, because they didn't believe we've acquired long tunnels choose that in the UK," she laughs.