LAS VEGAS—Sprint is coming late to the home windows Phone 8 party, with phones top top the brand-new OS coming this summer, month after they arrived at the 3 other large national carriers. Sprint"s windows Phone 8 gadgets won"t it is in retreads, however, according to Sprint"s director of device delivery Ryan Sullivan.

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"They"ll be current," he said. "We"re working for existing product launches, and also not necessarily to launch on six-month-old hardware."

This is a concern as slow-moving hardware upgrades are one of the things that doomed windows Phone 7. Microsoft only approved one round of hardware a year, so phones that appeared later in the bicycle looked old. Sullivan referred to Sprint"s upcoming launches as a "generation" of home windows Phones, though, raising hope that they won"t simply be another round that Nokia 822 and HTC 8X devices.

"We"re do the efforts to work with Microsoft come make sure what we provide is an extremely high quality," that said. "The platform integration and the solutions that we desire to bring aren"t the just things we desire to do fresh."

Sprint didn"t find success through its windows Phone 7 device, however it"s finally changed its track on windows Phone 8. The difference, Sullivan said, is that windows 8 has actually helped develop synergy across Microsoft properties, top to higher potential success together the Xbox, windows 8, and Windows call 8 experiences come together.

"Microsoft has really began to drive the three-screen paradigm," Sullivan said. "I think that"s why they"re going come do far better this time. As the carrier ecosystem starts to build, and also they reach all the tier 1s, i think they"ll start to build momentum," that said.

Currently, Apple, Android, and BlackBerry phones make up Sprint"s entire smartphone line. However that may broaden even beyond Windows Phone, together Sullivan said Sprint is open to both the new Firefox and also Tizen OSes. He had actually nothing come say about the upcoming Ubuntu mobile OS, however.

"We"re actually collaborating v a most those males in regards to making certain we acquire out requirements in early," the said. "It"s completely possible" the Tizen and Firefox phones will show up on sprint shelves, back "it"s too early to view if any kind of of castle is in reality going to emerge," he said.

New Phones on brand-new PlansSprint is likewise looking at changing the means it approaches organization plans, and also its new Sprint-branded no-contract alternative is just the very first step.

At first, sprint doing its very own no-contract phones seems a small odd; the carrier has had plenty of success v Virgin and also Boost, for this reason does it need a third brand? acceleration spokeswoman Michelle Mermelstein claimed that the brand-new offering was much more about making certain that people who come into Sprint stores in search of no-contract phones don"t walk away empty handed.

But Sullivan hinted the Sprint is also an extremely interested in T-Mobile"s experiment v detaching phones from subsidies entirely. If "I don"t think that the industry will ever before move away from a subsidy model per se," he said, "you"ll watch carriers do the efforts to blend the experience" with offerings like financing and the devices installment plan T-Mobile is using.

"I think you"ll see a lot of the sector follow suit," he said. "We"re always looking at that, and there are several things in development," he said.

When are the brand-new Phones Coming?Sprint didn"t carry any brand-new hardware to CES, but we need to expect come hear about plenty of brand-new Sprint smartphones in the an initial quarter the 2013, Sullivan said.

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"A lot of carriers and manufacturers room reserving their major smartphone launches for standalone events, and MWC (in February) has become a very popular present for making major announcements," the said.